How To Solve Sudoku: A Beginner’s Guide

Sudoku is definitely one of those games that will give you an excellent gaming experience. Sudoku is a puzzle game that has gained massive popularity across the globe over the years. That’s for a reason. Sudoku is fun, addictive, and mind-teasing, making it a healthy game for your mental. Sudoku can be played online or in newspapers or magazines. Sudoku is one of those games that have received the highest downloads.

No matter the platform you are playing your Sudoku on, one thing you are guaranteed- you will have a great time and forget about everything that’s happening around you. But what is Sudoku and how can you successfully solve it like a pro? Well, let’s find out because, in this article, we discuss tips that can help you solve Sudoku like a pro.

What is a Sudoku puzzle?

Daily Sudoku is a puzzle game played on a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 to 9 inserted. So the player needs to insert the numbers and make sure that no number is repeated within the square, row, or column. Sudoku also has fantastic gameplay, making it offer a great gaming experience.

The development of technology has made it easier to download your favorite game such as Sudoku and play it on your mobile device anywhere, anytime. For instance, you can download Sudoku on either Google Play Store or on Apple Store depending on your device’s operating system. Daily Sudoku is absolutely free to download and play.

These days, playing Sudoku online is deemed better than playing it in a newspaper or magazine. Here are some of the reasons that make playing Sudoku online better:

  • It is pretty much convenient because you can play it on the go
  • There are a number of helpful features and hints to help you play the game
  • You can correct or delete the number you have placed
  • You can take a break whenever you want by pressing the pause button

You have now understood a few basics about Sudoku. Let’s now see how you can solve this fun and addictive puzzle like a pro. 

How to solve Sudoku

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you solve Sudoku.

Step 1: Look for possible hints

The first step to solving Sudoku is to pay attention and take a closer look through the grid to locate areas that already have numerous numbers in place already. For example, if one of the squares already has 5 or 6 numbers out of 9 or a column has 7 numbers out of 9, these are the perfect places to start with. 

Always start by placing the extra numbers in the parts of the square, column, or row which already have a lot of numbers. That’s because it is pretty easier to figure out the numbers that are missing in that particular square, column, or row. If you start solving your daily Sudoku by focusing on areas that already have numerous numbers in place [more than 6], it will be quite easy to start the game and fill in the blank spaces. 

Step 2: Build momentum

Once you have identified some hints, it is now time to start building your momentum. Remember that each number that you insert onto the grid gives you tips and hints that will help you solve the extra remaining blank spaces. So every time you insert a new number, look carefully the surrounding rows, columns, and squares to see how the number you have placed is affecting the grid. This can help you identify new clues and opportunities to insert the remaining numbers.

By building your momentum, you will be able to turn a few initial number placements into a long-term success that can help you solve the puzzle. For example, you may notice that inserting the 8th and 9th numbers in a particular row can give you new clues that will help you eliminate the other numbers from the adjacent square. Each number placed onto the grid gives you the chance to rule out other numbers from the neighboring empty spaces.    

Step 3: Take a closer look at the grid for new opportunities

For you to successfully solve your Sudoku, you need to pay all of your attention to the game. Avoid any kind of distraction. Once you’ve built the momentum of your success and gotten rid of any issue, you now need to take your time and look through the grid with fresh eyes and a fresh mind to identify other opportunities that can help you solve the puzzle successfully. This is why it is advisable to take a break if you feel worn out and can no longer concentrate on the game. Fresh eyes will help you identify opportunities pretty faster and solve the puzzle in no time. 

It is not advisable to focus on just one corner of the grid or in a specific area of the grid because you think that you can insert a lot of numbers there. Playing Sudoku not only requires you to be alert but also requires every player to be flexible and try new areas of the grid in order to solve the Sudoku puzzle faster and effortlessly.

Wrapping up

As we conclude, it is right to say that solving Sudoku can be a lot easier, quicker, and effortless if you are equipped with the right tips and knowledge. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never get stuck when playing the daily Sudoku. Getting stuck is pretty common. But fortunately, there are strategies that can help you unstuck. On top of that, these tips given above can also help prevent you from getting stuck when playing Sudoku and improve your skills so that you can play like a pro. 

So if you are looking for a game that can help you relax after a long day and work and tease your mind, look no further than daily Sudoku. This popular and fun puzzle game will give you that amazing gaming experience you are yearning for. 

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