How to Sleep Better with Light Blocking Curtains?

Sleep is one of the most important things for our health. But, unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore how much sleep we get because it doesn’t seem like a huge deal when tired and grumpy. But what you might not understand is that good sleep habits can help improve your mood and productivity during the daytime. 

Duvetyne fabrics, used in light-blocking curtains, are ideal for sleeping better at night because they block out light so well. This blog post will discover the importance of these light-blocking curtains and give some tips on how to choose them for your home.

Significance of Light Blocking Curtains

As a society, we all have become so dependent on artificial light that it becomes difficult to get quality sleep when natural sources are no longer present, such as the sun or moonlight. However, artificial light is so powerful that it blocks your ability to produce melatonin, which keeps you from getting quality sleep. This issue intensifies when people keep using thin curtains or blinds indoors with multiple screens throughout their evening hours. 

Privacy is essential too – who wants prying eyes peering in on their personal life? Light blocking curtains are the absolute best way to add a finishing touch and feel of privacy when you have an open living space. When there is no curtain in place, all your house’s areas seem unprotected without it. These elegant yet straightforward Duvetyne fabrics also filter light from outside views through windows or doors while keeping them closed off entirely at night-time too. 

Major Factors to Consider While Choosing Light Blocking Curtains

1. Size  

Curtain size matters, and luckily for you, we have a handy guide on measuring your window. Valuable information includes length and breadth- from where the rod will go all the way down into two feet or estimation towards an endpoint if necessary. Once those measurements are taken, be sure they match up with any flooring that might stand between them (such as hardwood).

2. Fabric  

Blackout curtains are the best thing to block out light while you sleep. The thicker fabrics, like silk and velvet, need more time in between cleanings. However, they also provide the peaceful bedroom environment that many people want for their own space. However, there is one downside: pure silks are damaged by sunlight. When it comes downright, natural light is what these things were made perfect at blocking—thermal insulating properties make them ideal in colder places too. 

3. Colour  

To avoid the risk of fading colours, it is best not to choose a colour close or to match your bedroom’s make and finish. Lighter shades with darkening properties will blend in more easily and complement other aspects, such as decorations and furniture pieces within the room itself. If you want something bolder, then go ahead but keep in mind what kind-of impact this might have on those who visit. 

 Bottom Line

Shopping for light blocking bedroom curtains online is a great way to find the perfect fit. This article will teach you the significance of light-blocking curtains and the significant factors to consider while selecting the best curtains for blocking light.

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