How to sell real estate in Spain without leaving the country?

In a complex epidemiological environment in which it is difficult to predict future developments related to restrictions on international movement, online transactions have become a way of life for homeowners abroad. The source described what is required to sell Spanish properties remotely and the advantages of this method.

What do you need to sell housing online?

Nowadays, professionals and entrepreneurs from different fields have to cope with and adapt quickly to changes. This also applies to the real estate market, in particular the Spanish one. Thanks to the development of IT technologies, housing can now be sold remotely. Today, you can sell your house in Spain without leaving your home country. A trustworthy agency can do this and then become the owner’s confidant and represent his interests.

For a remote transaction, you must follow the procedure:

  • Send a request to a trusted company via a special form;
  • Prepare a copy of the passport;
  • Attach copies of title deeds;
  • Sign service contract;
  • Issue a power of attorney for sale (through the Spanish consulate, or a notary in the country of residence – in this case, the document must have an apostille) with a certified Spanish translation;
  • Send keys via delivery service.

What do you need from a real estate agency?

After the seller has made all the necessary preparations, real estate specialists get to work. In the post-quarantine time, the work of realtors in Spain is coordinated by security measures against COVID: property viewing is allowed only in masks and social distances, and in some regions, there are time and type restrictions. Despite this, the work is going on.

What actions does a realtor perform?

  • Real estate preparation for sale: order cleaning and professional services for photo and video shooting;
  • Advertising in all communication channels;
  • Prospecting for potential buyers;
  • Property viewing;
  • Virtual tours for online buyers;
  • Drawing up a backup contract and documents for the transaction;
  • Signing a sales contract with a notary in Spain;
  • Money transfer to the seller’s bank account.

Advantages of remote sales

  • Possibility of remote transaction execution;
  • Low commission for the organization – the cost of remote transaction processing services from 490 euros is cheaper than going to Spain and selling the house in person;
  • Safety is guaranteed;
  • Free professional photos and videos;
  • Maximum market coverage – your real estate for sale in Barcelona will be advertised to the public.

Purchasing a property in Spain

Evaluate the advantages of choosing and buying real estate in Spain today. If necessary, Spain-Real. Estate specialists will provide you with detailed information support and answer all your questions.

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