How to Register a Company in Romania?

In order to register a company in Romania you may follow the steps in our guide. There are also a number of factors to consider before you technically register a company in Romania. The procedure of a Romanian company registration is easy and fast with service providers and takes up to 5 days. If you are a foreigner and wants to register a company it can take you weeks or even months to do it on your own.

1. Choose a type of a company in Romania

The most common type of companies in Romania is a limited liability company (also known as “SRL”). Other less popular types of are partnerships, joint stock companies, and sole proprietorships.

2. Book corporate names

Remember that a name of the entity does not need to be the same as your brand name. In most cases it is not possible to register a desired name of a company as most short names are already booked and newly founded companies cannot have similar names to existing ones. The name of the company must be unique and not infringe on the names of other companies already registered in Romania.

3. Ensure a company seat and address

Each company must have an approved seat. It must be physical place while it still can be a virtual office if it is properly supported with legal requirements. The company’s registered address can be different from its headquarters.

4. Deposit a share capital

The minimum share capital is relatively low and is less than 50 euros (200 LEI). In order to do so you need to open a technical bank account in any Romanian bank. You may also need to pay fees for a notary.

4. Submit application to Romanian Trade Register Court

The second step to register a company in Romania is to submit an application to the Trade Registry. Once the application is filed, the Trade Registry reviews and approves or rejects it. The application must include the signed Constitutive Act of the company, which specifies the business activity of a company. In addition, the law requires a full list of the main activities of the company (CAEN codes) and full names of the shareholders and administrators. In some cases if the foreign entity intends to set up its own company in Romania, it will need to obtain approval from the foreign authorities.

6. Attach necessary documents to Trade Register application

You must also provide proof of address and a copy of ID document in order to incorporate a Romanian company. A corporate statute is the essential document for company registration in Romania.

Hire a professional to register a company in Romania

Choice of a reliable company registration service saves a lot of time and ensures a company has no costly legal defects. In general foreigners shall be aware of scam and unreliable services especially as the company can have purposely implemented legal problems. Registration requires also handling with personal data and an ID/Passport of an owner or owners.

While there are a number of providers on the market you might first consider the provider set up by ex-KPMG consultant Szymon Ziemba who guarantees the high level of service and support also after company incorporation. You may check a company registration in Romania at to find out up-to-date details. Company incorporation requires not only lawyers, notary but also a business consultant who understand business activity and tax consequences.

Alternatively, you can choose a cheap company incorporation in Romania like service but experienced entrepreneurs may need some more assistance and customization.

After you register a company in Romania

After you receive a certificate of incorporation from the Romanian Trade Register Office you can commence your business operations. However, it is advised to think if you want to be a VAT payer. The nature of business activity determines whether the company is liable for Romanian VAT from the very beginning. VAT is registered after a company is incorporated. You might also need a VAT EU number to trade with other companies in European Union area.

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