How to prepare well for NEET

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, which is organized as an entrance test to check the eligibility of the candidates to get admission into any private or government medical colleges across the country. The NEET grants admission into MBBS and BDS programmes, based on the rank secured by the candidate.

The syllabus for NEET basically consists of the topics from Physics, Chemistry, Botany as well as Zoology; which must be thoroughly studied by the candidate in order to crack this particular examination. The examination is organized for about 3 hours, within which the candidate has to appear for a paper of 180 marks, i.e. each question has got a limit of 1 min. Moreover, the marking pattern is designed in such a way that each correct answer carries a mark of 3, whereas a wrong answer deducts a mark. But, there is no mark score either lost if a question is left un-attempted.

The particular syllabus for NEET is prescribed by the Medical Council of India, which basically emphasizes on the topics taught in class 11th and 12th. Hence, it is the smartest option to refer to the NCERT textbooks while preparing for the NEET examinations, as these books are sufficient for the board examinations as well as other competitive examinations, like NEET.

The NEET Question Paper with Answers Keys for 2018 provides detailed answers to the question, with the help of which the students can practice better as well as have a proper understanding regarding the concepts. These are developed by expert professionals who make sure that they provide detailed solutions to the questions, providing easy reference to the concepts.

With a vast syllabus, it often tends to create confusion and also creates a fear amongst the students, thereby leading to poor performance. Hence, it is advised to follow some practical strategies which would ensure that the students are preparing effectively, as well as they are getting clear with the concepts which would help them crack the examination well.

Some of the strategies which are advised to the students are:

  1. Be well familiarized with the syllabus:

NEET syllabus consists of the topics from 11th and 12th, which are well familiar to the students as they have already studied them in their higher secondary. But, there are some students who often skip some concepts per chapter, as they have low weightage or are quite confusing. In the case of NEET, one is restricted to skip any chapter as all of them have equal importance in order to crack the examination.

The NEET syllabus is prepared in accordance with the respective medical programmes, thus it is necessary for the candidate to prepare for the NEET well so that they can secure a seat; and if selected, they can easily study the medical courses without much confusion and difficulties.

  1. Follow a timetable:

NEET has exhibited a high level of competition amongst the candidates, and also it has a huge syllabus. Thus, in order to secure a seat within the competition and by preparing such a vast syllabus, it is necessary to follow a time schedule. Moreover, a proper timetable will ensure that the student is going well with his/her regular studies and also revision, both crucial to making efficient preparations. 

Also, it must be ensured that the timetable is practical enough to be properly followed. This will help to balance the time for their studies, sleep, meals and other daily activities.

  1. Prepare self-made notes:

Notes prepared by self are often helpful in making a concept crystal clear, as well as getting the basics and fundamentals properly understood. Also, while making notes it can be ensured that the thinking ability and reasoning ability of the student will be enhanced.

One can refer to the NCERT textbooks in order to prepare well-structured notes and study effectively.

  1. Regular revision is a must:.

Revisions are necessary to have a firm foundation of the concept as well as make the concepts crystal-clear. Moreover, regular revision helps in better retention as well as enhances thinking skills. Thus, it must be ensured that they revise regularly and properly.

Also, revision helps a candidate to assess their strengths and weaknesses, which are necessary to be identified in order to make improvements.

  1. Appear for mock tests:

During NEET, the candidates have to appear for a 180 marks question paper, within a time limit of 180 minutes. Thus, mock tests are helpful in making a candidate strong in their ability of time management. Also, these mock tests are based on the actual pattern of the NEET questions, because of which they provide an insight into the main concepts as well as the pattern of questions that can be expected. Thereby, it helps in making the preparations effective.

In conclusion, it can be said that one must prepare well and be well determined in order to secure a sat6 in any medical college across the nation. Also, a candidate must be positive towards his/her goal, as NEET has a high level of competition. One must be well prepared for appearing in such an examination.

Apart from the mentioned strategies, often it has been seen that the NEET candidates make some minor mistakes that are quite negligible but must be avoided. Also, it is the smartest decision to prefer NCERT textbooks over any other books

Along with these study tips and strategies, a candidate must look at his/her health too and follow a proper diet to stay healthy and energized.

As revising and practising of sample questions will do the mental exercise; the candidates should also engage themselves in physical exercise to keep their body metabolism checked and health in proper condition. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand-in-hand; so it is necessary to have it balanced with physical exercises too. Thus, appearing for an exam with a high level of competition; the candidate must work hard enough in every aspect to secure a seat.  Thus, prepare smart as well as work hard.

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