How to prepare for Class 12 Biology in Hindi medium

In class 12th, students who belong to the Science stream are provided with the option to take Biology as one of their major subjects. Thus, for those who want to study medicine and want to appear for NEET, biology seems to be an important subject. Also, it is necessary for studying any course of biological and life sciences. Hence, it is necessary to have the concepts of biology provided in class 12th, crystal clear.

In class 12th, the subject of biology includes chapters from reproduction as well as from the sections of genetics, which includes the theories of Darwin and evolution as well as the postulates of Mendel. Thus, one must study the chapters properly as well as take the subject seriously in order to get better marks in board examinations. Also, this will help the student to make better preparations for competitive examinations like NEET. Thus, for medical aspirant students; the subject of Biology is the most crucial subject and thus one must study it thoroughly and revise it often to get a firm foundation of the concepts.

 The NCERT or the National Council of Education, Research and Training develop textbooks for all the standards, up to class 12; and so referring to the NCERT textbooks for biology is often the smartest choice. This is because these NCERT textbooks are prepared in accordance with the guidelines set by CBSE and so they are helpful in making a student capable enough to score excellently in the Boards examination. The NCERT Books Class 12 Biology in Hindi PDF is developed in Hindi, provided for the students who belong to Hindi medium schools.

Moreover, NCERT textbooks are inclusive of authentic information and data, as they are prepared by professional academic instructors who carry out detailed research in order to prepare these books in a more lucid manner of presentations. And so, books are the most efficient study materials while preparing for other competitive examinations.

During the Boards examination, the question paper is prepared in two different languages, i.e. English and Hindi. Thus, the student can select the language based on his medium of education at school.

For the students of class12, there are certain strategies that are effective to make him/her get the concepts cleared and also, have better analytical skills of certain topics. Often, the subject of biology is based on facts that are required to be memorized properly, so that they can simply mug up the whole concept provided in the textbook.

Some of the strategies which can be applied by the students in order to make effective preparations for Biology are given below:

  1. Focus on the basics:

The chapters of Biology in class 12th includes the basic concepts from various biological areas, be it reproduction or genetics. Thus, one must have a clear foundation of these basic concepts as this will help them to score well in their board’s examination as well as help them prepare effectively for the competitive examinations, such as JEE. Thus, get your basic concepts crystal clear.

  1. Be well familiarized with the syllabus

The syllabus for class 12th biology includes the basic chapters, which are recommended for NEET also. Moreover, inboard examinations there is often segregation of marks with respect to the chapters and so some chapters might have a different weightage of marks compared to others. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the syllabus as this will help the student to make effective preparations for the final boards’ examination.

  1. Focus on the diagrams provided in the textbook

The NCERT textbooks for biology often include well-explained diagrams with respect to the particular topic, which provides easy reference to the students to the concepts. Moreover, these diagrams are often included in the question in the final examination paper. Thus, one must have proper knowledge of the diagram in order to understand the concepts more clearly.

  1. Revise more often

Revision is the key to success. Thus, it is necessary to revise the chapters of biology regularly in order to get a crystal clear understanding of the concepts. Also, one must practice drawing the diagrams, as these are of immense necessity during the examination.

  1. Practice sample papers and also the previous year question papers:

The smartest strategy apart from referring to NCERT textbooks is to practice the questions from the exercises as well as the papers from previous years. This technique will help a student to get a brief about the pattern of questions asked as well as if one puts efforts to actually solve these papers; it will enhance the time-management capability of his/her. Also, it will brush up on the concepts, thereby making it more lucid.

Thus, inculcate the habit of practising questions more often.

  1. Highlight the important topics

The subject of Biology includes topics and concepts from various biological fields. Also, it includes some other additional topics which seem to not have much importance. Thus, the student must be well aware of the important topics and focus more on understanding these, as it will be of immense help in the Boards examination. Also, it saves a lot of time and makes the concepts crystal clear, thereby building a firm foundation of the basic concepts of biology.

Thus, it is advised to study smart rather than study hard.

Therefore, the students of class 12th can apply these mentioned strategies in order to build strong foundations of Biology subjects and excel in the Boards examination. Not only for Biology, but these strategies are also applicable for making preparations for other subjects as well.

Irrespective of the Medium of education, students from both Hindi Medium as well English medium can follow these strategies in order to achieve excellence in their preparations and results. Hence, revise the concepts and focus more on the important topic in order to achieve excellence in biology. Also, one must build a strong foundation of Biology in their 11th and 12th, as this will help them to prepare much better for NEET.

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