How to make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin controls the largest market segment in the world of crypto. Whereas many people are skeptical about investing in crypto, the digital asset presents dozens of opportunities that you can leverage to grow your income.

With the craze to earn Bitcoin growing each day, many find it challenging to identify creative ways they can generate income from Bitcoin. In this article, we explore ways you can make money with Bitcoin.

#1. Buy and hold

One of the easiest ways you can generate money from Bitcoin is simply by buying and holding. If you are just starting with BTC and unsure about how you can generate income with it, all you can do is simply buy and hold Bitcoin.

Depending on the platform you choose, you can buy and hold your crypto for a set period and only sell it when the market conditions are favorable. The only undoing of this strategy is that it takes time to realize your profit. This may not work for those who want to earn quickly from crypto.

#2.Earn interest

Just like staking, you can hold your crypto and earn interest. Different platforms offer different rates. The choice of your platform will determine how much you can make and the period it would take to access your interest.

Even though holding crypto to earn interest can take time before you realize a profit, it can be profitable if you identify the right platform.

#3.Bitcoin cashback

With many top-tier companies accepting Bitcoin payments, you can easily unlock an array of opportunities by simply using your credit card. Many platforms are now rewarding users with Bitcoin once they buy products.

For example, the advent of BlockFi rewards visa rewards users with BTC instead of points. Such applies to several platforms that are gradually embracing crypto payments. Aside from offering a unique financial experience, users aren’t subjected to foreign fees.

#4.Enroll on affiliate marketing platforms

Another way of earning BTC is through affiliate marketing. The unique aspect of affiliate marketing is that you can earn even without investing anything. The strategy is rolled out by various platforms to bring in more people and get rewarded with BTC.

While this strategy is a common way of generating passive income, they differ in many ways. As such, you will need to take your time to identify the one that works well for you.

Accept BTC payments

You can easily earn BTC by accepting BTC as a payment method. This means you will have to integrate a Bitcoin payment gateway to facilitate BTC transactions. That way, you will easily earn Bitcoin and grow your crypto investment portfolio.

As BTC matures, most businesses are now accepting BTC payments for goods and services. The key benefit of integrating a BTC payment gateway on your platform is that it allows you to accept payment from customers who may not have credit cards. This widens the scope of your market segment and helps you unlock more opportunities for your business.

So how do you do this if you are running a physical store? All you need is to include a poster either at your storefront or around the cashier area to encourage customers to pay in BTC. If you have an online platform, you can design a banner notifying people that your business accepts BTC payments.

Leverage Bitcoin faucets

If you are a fan of surveys or Watching ads, then Bitcoin faucets can be a great way of earning Bitcoin. Most of such platforms reward people for completing small tasks like watching ads or responding to surveys.

Lend Bitcoins

If you have no idea about how to invest in BTC then the best way you can earn bitcoin is through lending. The decentralized nature of BTC makes it easy to complete the transaction since it is not controlled by a central authority. You can visit Bitcoin Smarter to invest in bitcoins and you can get more info here

Some of the platforms that you can offer BTC lending services include BTCPop, Bitbond, and unchained capital.


In case you are stuck on how you can earn from crypto, then this article offers helpful tips that can help you kick start your investment process. As BTC grows in popularity and the value surges each day, it may be challenging to afford it.

As such, you can execute any of the concepts shared in this article to jump-start your BTC trading experience.

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