How to Create an Effective Long-Term SEO Strategy for Your Adult Website

First things first – the fundamentals of effective long-term SEO are the same for all websites, irrespective of the niche they operate in. Hence, the key to creating a workable long-term adult SEO strategy is exactly the same as it would be with any other niche website.

The SEO landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and its evolution will continue to accelerate indefinitely. Contrary to popular belief, the importance of effective SEO is at an all-time high. To suggest that SEO is a dying art is to miss the mark completely.  The greater the world’s reliance on the major search engines, the greater the emphasis every business must place on effective SEO.

Even so, the basic rules for effective long-term SEO remain unchanged. SEO has never been about quick fixes, but an ongoing process of optimization, and gradual ascension up the rankings.

Hence, even from a late-2022 perspective, the same golden rules for effective SEO apply as did over a decade ago.

Specifically, there are four things every adult website operator needs to do, in order to prime their business for successful long-term SEO:

1. Broaden Your Use of Keywords

By this, we are not talking about stuffing more keywords into your content.  Instead, we mean broadening your approach to keyword research, and shifting your focus away from one main target keyword.

Think about it – what happens if the one or two keywords you prioritize exclusively fall out of favor with your target audience? What if it becomes difficult or impossible to rank prominently with them, due to insurmountable competition from rival websites?

It’s a case of avoiding the classic ‘all eggs in one basket’ approach to keyword usage. By diversifying your approach to keyword research and usage, you’ll be in a much better position to continue ranking prominently long-term.

2. Focus on High Authority Backlinks

Backlinks always have been and always will be a big deal. It’s just that today, the only backlinks that will bring you any benefits whatsoever are high-authority backlinks.

This means that each and every backlink that points to your website must be positioned on a website that is reputable, credible, and in some way relevant to your niche. Something that may provide fairly limited scope within the adult niche, but is just as true as with any other type of website.

Google has gone on record numerous times to state that a single high-authority backlink carries more value than (literally) a million low-grade backlinks. And given the fact that quality backlinks are truly evergreen in SEO stakes, they should form the core of your long-term SEO strategy.

3. Follow Search Engine News

Or perhaps, hire someone to keep tabs on your SEO efforts as a whole on your behalf. Either way, it is essential to keep a close eye on how the major search engines are refining their algorithms, and moving the SEO goalposts in the process.

Google implements more than 200 algorithm changes per year – some more seismic than others. Though in all cases, you need to shift your own SEO efforts to compensate for them accordingly.  Doing so may call for relatively in-depth knowledge and understanding of SEO, which is where the experience and expertise of a skilled agency could prove invaluable.

If you handle your adult SEO efforts in-house, you need to ensure you remain on the cutting edge of the SEO landscape at all times.  Otherwise, it won’t be long before you’re left behind by your closest competitors.

4. Refine and Optimize

Last up, SEO should never be approached as a one-time-only task. The fact that the SEO landscape is continually shifting illustrates the importance of continuous refinement and optimization. Irrespective of how effective your adult SEO strategy is today; it could be rendered completely unviable tomorrow. If not, detrimental to your site’s SEO performance.

The only way to ensure the long-term effectiveness of an adult SEO strategy is to treat it as a continuous task. Using analytics, you need to keep a close eye on all aspects of your site’s SEO performance, and take note of any significant movement in either direction.

If you experience climbing the rankings, work out what has been working in your favor, and do more of it. These things take a turn for the worst, isolate the cause, and make the necessary adjustments.

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