How to choose the perfect toilet seat that suits you?

When you perfect even the smallest details, your bathroom becomes an experience zone. There must be a sync, from the kind of bathtub you want to install, the amount of free space you want to keep, the superior, classy fixtures you select, and even the toilet seat that you pick. Smart toilet seats are the fad, nevertheless a few things must be taken into account when you choose to have a premium bathroom. And, you must know that toilet seat styles do play a big part in setting the look, feel and theme of your bathroom.

Space: Let’s start with the most basic thing which is always in people’s minds. Some people love a spacious bathroom, and some are happy with a small one. If you have a limited space in your bathroom, then the right choice for you will be a wall-hung seat. The tank could be installed in the wall so there’s a lot of open space. It helps a lot because a cluttered bathroom never looks that good. What eyes can see is the bowl and the flush plate. Such types of toilet seats always have a superiority because of all the free space and less clutter.

Style: The shape of the toilet seat must replicate the shape of the bowl. A typical western toilet seat has a round or an oval bowl. Although at present, square shape is the trend. Irrespective of the shape, the built of a western toilet can be categorized into two/one-piece, wall hung or smart ones- the bidets. You can choose the best style that suits the décor of your bathroom in every way.

Utility features: A toilet seat should be chosen from a premium brand to ensure world-class quality standards. For instance, the leading sanitary ware brand in India, Kohler offers premium toilet seats made from durable UF material that shows high resistance to scratching, chipping and even stains. The most acclaimed feature of Kohler’s products is its quite-close feature. The toilet seats of Kohler exhibit soft close features that do not cause any slamming noise once closed. That means, in your bathroom, there will be absolute peace and not any sudden or disturbing thuds of closing the lid. You can also explore toilet seats that have automatic lowering mechanisms. Such seats give you the advantage of keeping your hands clean when you don’t need to touch the toilet to lower the collar.

Hygiene: When toilet seats are in perfect sync with shape and size of bowl, tight bumpers prevent shifting by adding stability. In the premium category, high-class residences, hotels and public restrooms install toilet seats that have unique antimicrobial compounds. These compounds provide effective protection against any type of fungus, bacteria and yeast build-up. Commode toilets must be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of harmful and unwanted germs. This is why Kohler’s toilet seats are ergonomically designed, so that it can be cleaned conveniently without the need of any tools. The quick-releases hinge is a great feature that allows you to unlatch the seat without any hassle.

Flush Performance: When you’re shopping for a perfect commode toilet, you also have to look for a good flushing system. It is a fact that flushing technology has evolved a lot over the years, because people are becoming more and more conscious about the planet and its resources. And, it makes more sense to choose wisely when it comes to flushing. Most western toilets have a dual flush system, which means it is equipped with a small and a large flush. Both of these flushes consume around 3 litres and 6 litres of water in one go. If you start looking at the number of flushes that happen in a day then you better start looking for toilets with less wastage.

Colours: People who are really looking to make better homes look for things that are colour coordinated. And yes, that means even the toilet seats. Believe it or not, a toilet seat is the most popular accessory to your bathroom decor and if it blends with the bathroom colour scheme and with other fixtures like washbasin, then you can be happy and sure about having a perfect bathroom.

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