How To Choose Hot Tubs: Tips And Tricks

Any bath can help you unwind after a hard day, but only a hot tub gives you absolute relaxation. At the same time, such a bath makes the whole process more pleasant and benefits the body. The stores offer a wide range of such plumbing – from luxury expensive hot tubs to cheaper and less functional models. Agree that choosing the correct option among so many various offers is not an easy task. The main idea we want to convey is to choose a reliable manufacturer with high-quality standards, such as Aquatica Bath USA. But the choice of a specific model, material, and functionality of the hot tub depends on your needs and possibilities.

Next, we will talk about the principles of operation of hot tubs and their types so that it is easier for you to choose.

What is a hot tub?

The hot tub operation principle is quite simple, although the design is technically complex. Nozzles are built into the working surface of plumbing. Water jets are pumped through them, which massage the shoulders, lower back, back, hips and legs and can have different intensities. In some models, separate nozzles pump air, so the tub can also do air massage with bubbles. Usually, the system also has a control unit, a water level sensor, and remote control for starting various modes.

Choosing a hot tub can bring enormous benefits:

  • relaxation of individual muscle groups and the body as a whole;
  •  increased muscle tone and skin elasticity;
  • improving blood circulation and reducing swelling;
  • help in the fight against cellulite and excess weight;
  • acceleration of rehabilitation after certain operations and injuries;
  • reduction of symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • beneficial effect on the development of the child’s body.

Conditions for installing and using a hot tub

Before buying a hot tub, you should consider the following factors:

  • the area of ​​the bathroom should be sufficient to accommodate a hot tub;
  • a thorough waterproofing needs to be carried out at the installation site;
  •  the reliability of the floors must fully comply with the requirements of the installation;
  • doorways should allow the equipment to be delivered without hindrance;
  • water supply has to be equipped with fine filters;
  • you are ready to spend time regularly maintaining a hot tub or using the services of a specialist;
  • in such a tub, you can not use foam and salt.

If something from the list does not match, you will have to prepare in advance.

What are the types of hot tubs?

The first point of discussion about which hot tub to choose is its form. There are several options:

  • Rectangular. It is convenient, practical, and optimal for installation in small rooms along the wall.
  •  Corner. This option is most often chosen for several people at the same time.
  • Round. It will become the brightest element in the design but is only suitable for large rooms.
  •  Irregular. Trapezoidal, semi-elliptical, oval with a ledge, asymmetric – the form of the hot tub can be almost any.

It should also be said what types of hot tubs exist depending on the materials:

  • Acrylic. This is a balanced hot tub choice. Reinforced plastic is easy to care for, and the price is relatively low.
  • Cast iron. In terms of durability, this is a clear leader among materials. But cast iron tubs are heavy and expensive.
  • Steel. It outperforms cast iron in price and weight. But in other characteristics, steel hot tubs are outsiders.


As we have noted, the main point when choosing a hot tub is a good manufacturer. Then the hot tub will be reliable and comfortable. All other characteristics depend only on your preferences and budget for the purchase.

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