How Technology is Changing the Skincare Industry

Technology has had a profound effect on the skincare industry. It has brought forth salon-like results at home, making technology an intrinsic part of the product. The days when the skincare regime involved just cleansing, moisturizing, and toning are long gone.

The new norm of the 10-step routine is gaining momentum. Most people around the globe now prefer technology-driven skincare essentials. There is no need to visit a skin clinic to get the compliment-inducing results which also saves time.

Skincare companies have begun to use technology as their core strategy. These incorporated technologies are changing the beauty game for us and are raising the skincare industry to new heights.

Keep scrolling to get enlightened about these excellent new techs that are being introduced to take care of your skin.

LED light therapy

This stunning innovation has become one of the best so far. The LED light therapy is being used to treat acne, soothe inflammation, and brighten your skin. One such device is the Foreo that has gained extreme popularity due to its brilliant results.

It is a combination of Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, and pulsations that works like magic on your skin. It has two 90-second options for treatment. The LED light promotes the production of collagen thus maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Technology performance of Product Ingredients

With developing technology, there is more room for innovation of ingredients. Companies are constantly looking forward to the innovation of raw materials so that the beauty game-changers have an opportunity to reshuffle.

The Life Cell Anti-aging formula uses stem-cell technology to extract the benefits from a rare Swiss Apple known as Uttwiler Spätlauber. It promotes skin rejuvenation. Life cell uses stem-cell technology and organic power and thus targets the major skin concerns.

According to sources, there have been huge investments in the skincare sector and microecology technology. Cell extraction and biological fermentation are going to become the major hotspots of the upcoming technology-driven skincare industry.

A race to innovate

In this world where the pandemic does not seem to get away from our lives, brands have been locked in constant competition to innovate. Advancement in technology is the key to drive through the online market.

It has been crucial to prioritize touch-free shopping with the assistance of virtual try-on products. The virtual try-on feature has become hyper realistic. This feature is incredible as it can create photo-realistic simulations that are easy to test on any skin tone and can adapt more than 300 shades of eye or lip colors in any texture.

Face concealers and foundations are also tested on the skin tone. As everyone has adopted a cautious mindset of social distancing this amazing trend of virtual try-on could even last after the pandemic.

Smart Skincare Tools

Advancement in technology has made it possible for us to know our skin score. Taiwan’s New Kinpo Group has developed a smart mirror. This incredible mirror scans your face for wrinkles, fine lines, red spots, pores, and skin brightness level. It keeps track of the evolving skin concerns that might trouble in the future.

It even sends personalized tips and appropriate product recommendations for treating skin issues if any. Keep in mind that these scores may not be consistent and some experts also warn that it can unnecessarily harm the user’s self-esteem.

Customizable Skincare

The demand for high-quality skincare is escalating with time along with the need for advanced products.  It is quite likely that two people can have different experiences with the same product. One may see excellent results as compared to the other.

Customized skincare is on the list for gaining immense fame in the skincare industry. While dealing with problematic skin, less is more. One cannot follow an elaborate skin regime with such skin issues.

Clinique recently launched a service where you can customize your moisturizer and serum. Their service offers 15 combinations to deal with dullness, fine lines, or irritation.

Neutrogena’s Mask iD provides its users with customized care for a part of their face in a sheet mask. The astonishing printing technology is tailored precisely for all of your skin concerns including both macro and micro.

Revolutionizing skincare through technology

People tend to follow a multi-step skincare routine, as a single product only addresses one or two skin concerns. These products are often expensive, wasteful, and inefficient. 

With advancing technology, we may be able to have all-in-one products. This could be a real game-changer as we are slowly moving ahead to AI and AR technology-driven skincare industry.

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