How Many Types of Skis Are There?

Are you interested in skiing and looking for more information about the different types of skis out there?

You’ve come to the right place. We put together a short guide on the different skis you’ll see and what type of skiing each is best for. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about these types of skis.

Carving Skis

Sporting an hourglass shape, carving skis are most commonly used for on-piste skiing. Because of their curved edges, turning in the snow is made easy with carving skis.

This ski is among the best types of skis for beginners due to the ease of use and different options for both beginner and intermediate skiers.

Freeride Skis

Freeride skis perform well both on-piste and off-piste. Most freeride skis offer a rockered tip to grip on the piste and keep you steady wherever else you ski.

With a unique and versatile underfoot, ranging from 100-120mm, freeride skis provide a smooth ride in any snow setting.

All-Mountain Skis

As their name suggests, all-mountain skis are meant to keep you moving in any situation.

With a similar shape to carving skis, all-mountain skis are wider underneath the foot. This provides stability and versatility when it comes to deep powder or packed snow.

All-mountain skis also typically include a rockered tip that provides a floating movement over powdered snow. These skis are great for those looking to hone in on their skills and to ski in diverse areas safely.

If you’re interested in renting skis such as all-mountain skis, learn here about how you can get started.

Powder Skis

Longer and wider than typical piste skis, powder skis range from 110-140mm. Their elongated and broad form helps you cut through deep snow and powder.

As with all-mountain and freeride skis, powder skis have rockered tips to keep you stable and grounded.

Powder skis are heavy-duty and made for harsh environments. If you’re interested in adventurous skiing, powder skis are a must for you.

Cross-Country Skis

Designed for multiple types of terrains, cross-country skis are versatile and lightweight. A unique feature of cross-country skis is the binding–this allows your heels to lift off of the ski in order to provide comfortable movement.

Cross-country skis propel the skier forward with textured bases and require regular waxing to keep them effective.

Among the different types of skis and bindings, cross-country skis provide great traction and movement and are a favorite among skiers.

Racing Skis

Racing skis are the longest length out of all of these different types of skis and are typically around 160cm long. Because of their length, racing skis are extremely flexible and adaptive to your movements.

Racing skis are meant to serve only one purpose, so you wouldn’t benefit from using a pair of racing skis out on the slopes.

Understanding the Different Types of Skis

When it comes to the different types of skis, you’ll find which one suits you best by experimenting with them.

Whether your favorite becomes the powder ski or the cross-country ski, you’ll be glad you learned about these various skis.

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