How is technology evolving to make your online experience safer?

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of human life which keeps evolving daily. One of the essential uses of technology is to protect our interests and security on the go.

Let’s talk about what changes in technology make your experience safer while surfing on the internet and we also include some mobile device safety tips and a wider view of technology on the way we live.

Booming social media

Social media has changed the way users interact with each other. And now, it is playing a significant role in your safety while being on the internet. Apps like Twitter have started using features that automatically detect abusive Tweets and take care of them without any delay.

It also includes two-factor authentication to provide you with extra security so that only you can access your account even if somebody gets hold of your password. Facebook is another social networking app that offers exciting safety options for its users powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

If you are looking forward to connecting online with people not on your friend’s list, you can use the Messenger feature available on this platform. Using separate accounts for private and business communication also helps with keeping your contacts safe.

WhatsApp is one such app that has become a massive hit amongst users these days. This free messaging app provides end-to-end encryption, which means you will be the only person who can see your chats on this platform even if someone gets ahold of your phone number. But be sure to enable two-factor authentication for extra security here too.

Tinder and Instagram

Tinder is not just another dating application; it is an online friendly community that helps its users connect with people close to them geographically, e.g., anyone living in their city or neighborhood.

Instagram has embedded a feature that connects you with local people and friends, and it does this safely and instantly without any issues.

Surfing on the internet with basic protection

Safety is a vital issue when surfing the internet, and we need to take extra care of personal details such as passwords, banking information, and credit card numbers.

Using two-factor authentication here can help you protect your accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from unauthorized access.

Though some smartphones offer built-in security features, they are not enough to keep your device away from online threats. Use anti-virus software and create strong passwords to help here.

Also, using a VPN service helps secure data while traveling on unsecured network connections or accessing geo-restricted content on Netflix or Hulu outside US borders.

Technological advances are not just reserved for the internet. They affect our lives in many different ways.

Smart home technology

We rely on smart home devices to make our lives easier and free from complicated work. This includes smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras, and more.

These devices are connected through the internet, opening a new gateway for hackers to hold your details. This is where the concept of VPN comes into play once again.

A virtual private network not only hides your IP address from hackers but also makes you anonymous on the web by replacing your actual location with that of its servers.

So if someone tries to hack into your smart thermostat, they will end up hacking into VPN’s server instead – not sure how useful that would be?


Smartphones are an essential part of our lives these days because we need them for almost everything, including communication, accessing business data, reading emails, making online payments, and more.

However, they are also the most vulnerable device you own because hackers can quickly get their hands on personal details stored in the device, primarily if you jailbreak them to install unauthorized apps.

So it is advisable to use anti-virus software here, too, along with using VPN for security purposes, and never download or click on any links that are randomly sent to your phone.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide you with information about anything under the sun, from news updates to restaurant reviews or even jokes! The tech is getting smarter day by day, which means that this virtual assistant will soon detect unusual activity on your account and take care of it automatically without any delay.

Bots are programmable computer algorithms that can automate mundane tasks like giving weather updates, sharing news headlines, or even telling jokes! They are not just used in messaging apps, but you will find them on platforms like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant quite often these days too.

It is best to be careful while interacting with bots because they don’t have any physical appearance associated with them. Someone has programmed them. If that human programmer wishes to include some spy software, they can.

The impact of technology on safety 

The rapid development of technological processes, which began in the second half of the twentieth century, has enormously increased the quality of life in many countries. The development of technology in transport, communications, medicine, and energy has become an essential indicator of human progress.

Towns, cities, and even entire countries are now ‘Smart.’ Smart tech concerning cities means that all processes, infrastructure, and services are managed electronically. For example, technology can control traffic lights and outdoor advertising screens via a smartphone application, and the use of renewable energy sources helps save electricity.

Cities that are ‘smart’ may even provide citizens with free Wi-Fi zones. Many countries have an official smart city government website on which you can find all the information relating to the development of smart cities and news about technological advances in urban areas.

Technology is used by everyone, including businesses, countries, individuals, and governments, for various purposes like entertainment, business growth, e-commerce, security of data online. The entire world runs on technology.


Technology, as it advances, enables us to live safe and smart lives by helping us find our lost phones, protecting our online activity, and even catching criminals. So next time, just think about how technology can help you out and embrace it as isn’t going anywhere.

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