How a Wax Liquidizer Works

A Liquidizer is a device used to liquefy any type of wax, such as paraffin, beeswax, oils, acrylic, and many others. The conversion of wax to a liquid, from a solid, is very easy. The inclusion of a catalyst or solvent in the wax or solid is usually required. The procedure can be accelerated by adding heat and friction to both the vape juice and the solid to make the wax liquid. This results in a product called Lye, which is also used in soap formation.

Calibrated Wax Liquidizer

The wax liquidizer has to be calibrated periodically, based on its specific viscosity. It must also be capable of measuring the specific gravity of the oil/water mixture. The rate of this conversion is calculated by multiplying the density of the liquid with the specific weight of the solvent. This factor is commonly called the creep ratio. Other factors such as the rate of absorption and dissolution are also taken into account.

Some people are worried about the harsh taste of Lye. In fact, there are now special oil-free Lye water cartridges that eliminate all the harsh taste. They are made of selective filtering membranes that only allow water molecules through while preventing larger molecules and organic compounds such as fatty acids and cholesterol from being absorbed. The Lye water cartridges have to be replaced periodically, as they lose their effectiveness. Also, they can only convert an amount of oil that is smaller than the volume of the cartridge.

The recommended ratio of Lye to oil when using Lye water or oil/water mix is two milliliters to a maximum of five milliliters. The best way to convert Lye to oil is to use a double boiler. A double boiler is a special device that combines the boilers’ heat with the Lye solution in a single unit. To use this type of Lye liquidizer, you must first heat the solution to its boiling point, then add the two volumes of Lye and stir until the Lye has dissolved into the solution. Once the solution is heated, it should be transferred into the mixing container and allowed to complete its boiling cycle.

Mixing wax liquidizer

The mixing wax liquidizer is available in different sizes and designs. Smaller units can be used for diluting essential oils and fragrance concentrates. You can purchase the units in various shapes, depending on the design and size of the mixing containers. Some models have a reservoir that holds the mixing wax, a mixing stick and a releasing agent for easy stirring.

The wax liquidizer that is ideal for diluting pure essential oils, is known as a melting rosin crock. This rosin will melt down the wax before pouring it into the mixing containers. The device’s design allows for easy pouring and swirling, and it is also dishwasher safe. It features a reservoir that holds a constant volume of melting wax. To ensure consistent results when using the melting rosin, you should have one gram of wax in your concentrate.

A wax liquidizer works great for creating highly concentrated candle-flow. You can create a great number of candle-flow designs with the help of this powerful tool. To get the best results, it is important to prepare your mixtures according to instructions. Instructions for melting and pouring your concentrates are included in your package. Some of these devices also feature an audible signal that lets you know when the concentration is ready for use, so you can stop the flow at the right time.

When looking for the best settings for your wax liquidizer, you should always start by keeping the heat on the lowest. Once you get comfortable with the device, you can increase the heat. Always start your mixtures at the recommended heat level, and then increase it as your taste and experience dictates. Before using your device, you should always read the included instructions carefully and then take special care to follow them precisely.

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