Here are some of the pros and cons of Duroflex mattresses that you need to know

Some hours of undisturbed and peaceful sleep is indispensable for a human being. After toiling hard during the day, the body requires some tranquil hours of relaxation. Sleep is to human beings as oil is to a machine. When deprived of this rest, health issues crop up, which prove to be disastrous in the short or long run. One vital factor that influences the sleep pattern is the mattress and its quality. Poor grade mattresses can alter an individual’s sleeping pattern intentionally or unintentionally. These can also lead to varied back issues, which invariably interfere with a person’s daily activities. Hence, you can never compromise with a top-grade mattress, and back out due to its exorbitant price. Whether buying a mattress online or offline, quality should be your priority.

Duroflex is a premium brand pioneering in extending sleeping solutions to the Indian populace. It has been certified by the ISO, which removes any apprehensions regarding its service. Duroflex mattress is not only a household name in the Indian setup, but it has also achieved worldwide recognition through its exports. It has been investing heavily in the department of research and technology to cater to the differing requirements of various kinds of sleepers. That said, should you dip into your savings to purchase a Duroflex mattress for your home? Come to a firm conclusion after properly analysing its pros and cons.

Pros of Duroflex Mattress

  • All-inclusive nature: Duroflex mattresses are all-inclusive, in the sense that they have something for everyone. The gamut of options is equipped with varying technologies. These are constructed from different materials, which satiate the demands of the majority of the population. For instance, the orthopaedic range of mattresses is nothing less than a life-saver for people with backaches and other grave disorders like Spondylitis. The LiveIn variant of mattresses is a prime illustration of the brand’s dedication to providing comfort and luxury in one product. If you wish to promote sustainable development, you can invest in the eco-friendly ‘Nature Living’ alternative, among others.
  • Unrivalled dominance with respect to quality: Duroflex is in a different league altogether when it comes to quality. It has little to no competition when it comes to delivering satisfying service. Prioritising the customers’ needs, Duroflex extends durable and reliable products. The mattresses won’t get deformed or lose shape even after years of continuous usage. So, the one-time heavy investment will bear fruits in the long run.
  • Numerous options in terms of material: One way of fostering an extensive loyal customer base is to cater to the ever-evolving needs of all sections of the population. Duroflex accomplishes it by offering numerous alternatives in terms of the material of the mattress. For instance, the Spring mattresses comprise individually pocketed springs that limit the motion transfer across the entire length. Thus, these mattresses suit those people who share their beds with someone who tosses and turns repeatedly. A coir mattress is tailor-made for those who desire a firm mattress, which is not prone to sagging and is fairly ventilated. Latex serves the demands of environment-conscious people and those who prefer a well-ventilated surface with an extensive airflow.
  • Provision of trial period: The LiveIn range of Duroflex mattresses comes with a provision that has been unheard of. A three month trial period accompanies the range of LiveIn mattresses. If you do not feel content with the mattress quality, you can opt to return it.
  • Warranty: Customers enjoy a warranty of up to 10 years, which increases the reliability of Duroflex’s products. Thus, any defective product can be replaced and you will not feel cheated out of your hard-earned money.

Cons of Duroflex Mattress

  • Fewer options with respect to the dimensions of the mattress: Flexibility in terms of the size of the mattress is a must-have feature for any brand. However, Duroflex mattress disappoints in this sphere by just offering the basic four options – Single Bed, Double Bed, Queen Size Mattress and King Size mattress. The incorporation of more alternatives will allow it to augment its inclusive nature.
  • Ineffective after-sales service: The relationship between a buyer and a seller does not end with the purchase of the product. Any buyer should be empowered to get in touch with customer support in case of any issue or query. However, Duroflex has been guilty of a poor show in the after-sales domain. Customers have complained about the lack of assistance from the customer care executives. Hence, it needs to improve in this domain to further enhance its influence.

Duroflex mattress, despite its shortcomings, is a worthy purchase because of the high quality of its material and the futuristic technology inculcated in it. Purchase a mattress online by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to avail of attractive facilities. For instance, you can pay the bill in the form of interest-free EMIs, which will help you streamline your finances. Additionally, avail of cashback offers on purchase of select products by using the EMI Network Card.

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