Helpful Tips for Students: Writing a Biography Essay

A biography essay is based on the personal life story of a subject in words. You are required to write a piece of detailed information like personality, personal facts, and important events in your own words. 

In this type of writing, you have to do a life sketch of somebody creatively. It has to be such that the reader can easily visualize the personality of the subject and know about his entire life in words. The biography essay is accurate only if you can make readers understand the true story of your subject.

A biography essay must include key events of that person like the day and date of birth, education, work life, family life, and death. Writing about a person’s traits, characteristics, and behavior is necessary for this type of essay. It adds weight to the biography essay writing. Avoid giving information like the number of working years. This type of information is not necessary for a biography. You can take references about the layout to follow from various biography essay samples to find inspiration. 

Sketch a real picture

Remember, a biography becomes too boring if overstuffed with too many describing words. If your biography is about describing the subject’s qualities, you must bring changes to it. Nobody is perfect, and because you share a true-life story of a personality, you must share facts. 

Strike a balance by stating good and bad points about the personality. A blend of words that gives real information about the subject will add value to your essay. You can study the biography essay examples to find inspiration. Make your essay engaging by citing an anecdote or a short tale. You can add quotes or popular sayings said by the subject of interest. This way, your readers will get a clear idea about the true personality of your subject matter. 

Choose the essay subject

Essay writing starts with selecting the person about whom you will write an essay. Before making a selection, ensure the person is quite popular, and the information will be easily available on the internet or other primary sources. Invest time in selecting the subject of your biography essay. 

Take time to do your homework and compare your subject with other popular personalities. Think if you will be able to write about this character as it won’t be easy to change the subject after the research process begins. You can use primary sources like newspapers, magazines, books and articles to get an insight into the personality.

Detailed research of the subject

A well-written biography essay depends on the time and effort you will take to get information. Dig out the most appropriate information that is exclusive and highly relevant. The research information must be such that it will help you author a well-defined essay. 

Search the true story of the subject and the impact of his life on the lives of other people. You could research if the subject were involved in any controversy. To make the biography interesting, you can look for opinions and views about the subject. You can intrigue the readers by adding the subject’s experiences and personal thoughts.

Create an outline of a biography essay

Biography essay writing can be easy if you know how to structure the information. You must divide the essay into different small subsections going in chronological order. It will be good if you strictly follow a writing format. It is totally up to you to decide the layout. However, formal essay writing has an introductory paragraph, at least two content paragraphs and a short conclusion. 

Following the traditional style of biography essay writing, you can jot down the key events of the subject’s life in the best order. Nobody will enjoy an extra-long biography with too many words. Maintain the word limit and write only reader-specific content that makes your biography understandable. 

Craft a flashy introduction

Start your biography with beautiful words that build the reader’s interest and increase curiosity. Your thesis shall remain incomplete if you miss highlighting the basic features of the person of interest. A biography writing must include basic details like facial features, height, and body structure. You can mention the important dates and days of the subject’s life in your biography essay.

Next, you can start the biography in stages starting from childhood days till maturity, covering all the life’s events. Use simple words to explain the subject’s good and bad experiences to make the biography worth reading. 

Flashback memories of the subject

Adding a section of flashback memories can also be a part of a biography essay writing. It will engage the reader as they will get to know the important decisions taken by the person in interest and the reasons for it. You can also share the most crucial incident or life-transforming incident that occurred in the subject’s life, if any. 

In the end, you can sum up by asking the viewpoint of readers about the story of the subject. You can ask the readers if they are influenced by the subject’s personality and course of life. 


A biography writing is a true explanation of one’s life story, describing the course of events and life experiences. It should be well-crafted, sharing the most rightful information about the subject and his entire life. The writer must include points that tell the truth about the personality without being biased. Lastly, you can conclude by stating the subject’s impact on society as a whole. 

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