Heartstopper tells you how to get the gay panic wallpaper

Everyone seems to be talking about the new Netflix show Heartstopper, and for good reason. People are crazy about Charlie’s gay panic wallpaper, even though the movie has great characters, a clever plot, and stunning graphics as well because the gay panic wallpaper is so important to the movie.

Nick’s messages show up above the words gay panic in tense texting exchanges between Nick and Charlie, where both of them are having trouble telling the other how they really feel. The original graphic novel and the homosexual panic wallpaper have something in common. Hearstopper is a TV show based on a series of graphic novels written by Alice Oseman, who also made the show. In the books, Charlie Spring comes from when the space exploration company’s logo had the letters GAY instead of NASA. In a few books, the term “gay panic” is also used.

where you can get the “gay panic” wallpaper

Alice Oseman tweeted the “gay panic” wallpaper “for the Charlie Spring fans” who are out there. Several fans of the show responded to the tweet with different versions of the wallpaper, like “trans panic” and “lesbian panic.”

Fans are having trouble getting over Charlie’s “gay panic” wallpaper in Heartstopper.

Heartstopper viewers probably already know about Charlie’s famous “gay panic” wallpaper, which can be seen in several close-ups in the new Netflix show.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, the wallpaper has the words “gay panic” written over a peach-colored background.

The phone wallpaper seems to have caught the attention of Twitter followers, as it has gotten a lot of responses since it was posted on the microblogging site:

Heartstopper, a comic book, has something to do with this

Fans of the show know that it is based on a series of comic books written by Alice Oseman. In the illustrated books, Charlie’s phone wallpaper was a NASA-inspired background with the word “GAY” instead of “NASA.” As people watch the Netflix show and notice that Charlie’s phone has a “gay panic” wallpaper, others are remembering the design from the book and posting about it on social media.

Some readers may remember the word “gay panic” from volume 2 of the Heartstopper books. Nick’s “honestly, I’m having a real full-on homosexual crisis” in episode 4 is another example of a similar statement.

 Wall covering that looks just like Charlie’s

Do you want to change your lock screen so that it looks like the background of Charlie’s “gay panic” video? You have nothing to worry about. Alice Oseman, who wrote the Heartstopper books, posted the classic wallpaper for “Charlie Spring stans” on Twitter. This is great news for fans, who will be thrilled to hear it. Fans have also started posting their own versions, changing the phrase to reflect who they are because of the wallpaper.

Get the wallpaper

The phrase “homosexual frenzy” is well-known because it is in volume 2 of the Heartstopper books. In Episode 4, Nich yells, “Really, I’m facing a real, all-out homosexual emergency! There is now wallpaper that matches Charlie’s. We take care of everything so that your lock screen is Charlie’s “gay frenzy” background. Alice Oseman, who wrote the “Heartstopper” books, made the perfect background for “Charlie Spring stans” on Twitter.

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