Get to know the Jean Smart Sons: Forrest Gilliland & Connor Douglas Gilliland, Details explored!

American actress Jean of Smart is a forger in the Hacks forged. Her sons, Forrest Douglas Gilliland and Connor Douglas Gilliland are named after her. Smart has a broad fan base because she is famous for her roles in films such as 24, Backyard State, The Accountant, and I Heart Huckabees. Current projects she’s working on include Wildflower, Babylon, and Hacks. She made her acting debut in the 1979 television film Before and After. She has also played the part of the Lady Bather on stage. She has also worked on the production teams for Miss Meadows and A Stranger in the City.

Forrest and Connor Douglas Gilliland, Jean Smart’s Sons

Two of Smart’s sons are named Forrest and Connor Douglas Gilliland. Alternatively, Connor might be the firstborn child of Jean and Richard, both of whom work in the entertainment industry. They welcomed him into the world on October 25, 1989. These days, he’s 31 years old. Conner and his older brother were born after their parents had married for two years. On the other hand, both of his parents are out there for everybody to see on stage. Connor is an introverted person who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Also, Smart’s diet was a constant source of stress and anxiety while pregnant. Her diabetes was well-managed during her pregnancy.

Their daughter Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland was born in 2009, completing their family. She entered the world in 2008, making her current age 13 years and one month. But Forrest goes by the name Bonnie. Conner and the couple had traveled to East Asia to have a kid with a woman in the family. Moreover, in May of 2009, when Bonnie was just eleven months old, the family adopted her. Her daughter became famous after appearing on The Bonnie Hunt Show.

Richard Gilliland, Jean Smart’s Spouse

The actress Jean Smart is married to Richard of Smart. He was a famous American actor, and his role as JD Shackleford in the film Designing Ladies is what most remember him for. He spent the first 71 years in Fort Worth, Texas, but passed away in Los Angeles. Moreover, Jean and Richard tied the knot back in 1987. They’d been married for 35 years at that point. The car accident that killed Jean’s husband happened in the year 2021. The book Drama in Real Life includes further work by Richard. In terms of secondary education, he graduated from Shawnee Mission South High School.

Family and Children Details for Jean Smart

Having been born into a loving family, Smart became a successful entrepreneur. On September 13, 1951, she entered this world in Seattle, Washington. In addition, she has reached the ripe old age of seventy. As also she has a younger sister named Georgia of Smart. She and her sister Georgia are native Seattleites. Furthermore, in 1987 Smart tied the knot with Richard Gilliland and officially joined the Gilliland family. She was gifted with her two children, Forrest Gilliland, and Conner Douglas Gilliland.

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