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Since the launch of Google, websites no longer have to register with search engines due to Google’s new algorithm that checks websites based on their incoming external links. This gave Search Engine the chance to positively control the positioning of your sites by gathering external inbound links.

 A faster boost in search engine rankings is possible by using quality link building techniques. Thus, a new branch of SEO has come out that focused mainly on get external links. However, the dark side of link building came with it. Dubious link-building methods like automated backlink setup, link rings, buying and selling of links were also used more widely.

We are at a time in the digital ecosystem in which positioning a company’s website on the internet is more complex than it seems. As the minutes go by, thousands of new web pages go on air, increasing competition even for terms that we thought were suitable to attract searchers.

And not only that: we also find other circumstances that affect the visibility of our website, such as Google’s algorithms, which are continually modified. In addition to depending on the sector in which each company is located, its competition may increase or decrease.

What is a Link Building strategy?

We are getting more and more used to digital positioning terms, even though we don’t know precisely what they mean. Suppose it is the first time you hear about Link Building. In that case, you must be clear that it is a fundamental part of SEO (in English: Search Engine Optimization) or search engine positioning. With the latter, you seek to increase the visibility of a web in the organic results of search engines such as Google or Bing.

The main objective of Link Building is to improve your website’s domain authority through the acquisition of links from other websites to yours. In this way, search engines interpret that your page contains information relevant enough for others to link to it (not on the same server).

Hence, as in other organic positioning strategies, the more natural the link is, the more effective it is for search engines and users, who should not interpret it as “advertising”, but as extra information. 

For this, there are other factors at the time of applying link building that may increase its effectiveness, such as the proper construction of the “anchor text” when placing the link (which we will see below how to do it), if it contains a “nofollow attribute.” Or not, or if it is generated in RRSS or authority pages.

What does link building mean today?

Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly being improved and developed. Today, link spam is often detected in a short period of time. Search engine providers note that backlinks are still an important factor in search engine rankings. The Webmaster Guidelines Google explicitly prohibits building active links as they can be interpreted as manipulative attempts.

As the main algorithm of SEO change, particularly according to the 2012 Penguin update, a lot of websites were castigate if they had poor quality backlinks, automatic or paid links.


There are a large number of options to get links from other websites to your own. Below are the most common link building methods:

Do nothing. Users link good content.

The web page content must have an added value so that users recommend the information in the form of backlinks to their pages.

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Entries in web directories and article directories

Previously it was a free and easy manual, semi-automatic or automated link generation method. However, this method has become useless, as the Google search engine recognizes backlinks from the web and article directories, and they are generally ignored.

Entries in relevant forums

Backlinks used to be generated by setting up a forum signature, where you had the option of leaving a web address.

Blog comments

Many blogging systems allow you to refer to a web page in the comment section. Posting a comment on a blog generates a cross-reference to the commenter’s website. This method is widely used as a spam technique by generating automated blog comments or manual comments that have no real benefit.

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