Garden Makeover Tips During the Lockdown

Staying at home is nice for a couple of days, but when the weeks turn into months, this can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being and boredom can play a part in this, with nothing to do but watch TV and remember life before Covid. There’s nothing better to give you some motivation than a home improvement project and a garden revamp is ideal as we are in the middle of our summer here in Australia. Visit this to Pearland garden and tree care

Here are a few tips for redesigning your outdoor living space.

  • Create a Floor Plan – Take a leaf out of the landscape gardener’s book and create a floor plan that covers the entire back yard. If you are planning to re-tile the terrace, look no further than, who happen to be a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor tiles, all at affordable prices. When you add items to your floor plan, make sure they are to scale and once the plan is complete, you can start to work out what materials you need.
  • Permanent Shading – If you haven’t yet installed a retractable roof, this is one improvement that will boost the value of your property and with a Google search, you can locate a company that specialises in bespoke permanent roofing systems. The roof can be designed to perfectly blend in with the property and there are several system types, with attractive colours and designs. If you have the space, why not grow organic vegetables, which helps keep you healthy and strong.
  • Outdoor Furniture – If your exterior tables and chairs have seen better days, why not invest in a wicker-resin suite with removeable cushions? Search online for a nearby garden centre, where you can test the garden furniture in a real-life outdoor ambience and they would have an impressive catalogue and most offer interest-free finance, which spreads the payment over a few months.
  • Create a Rockery – You could use one of the far corners and a couple of square metres of top soil and a few rocks is all you need to build a nice rockery. Why not be creative and have a small waterfall feature? This is not as difficult as it sounds and with a small pump and a loop system, you have a natural looking water feature that is very relaxing.
  • LED Outdoor Lighting – The range of colours and hues make LED lighting a must for the garden and with strips of LED units, you can create a warm Disney-like ambience and with motion sensors, the garden will illuminate as you walk around. You can buy solar powered ground level LED lighting fixtures that you simply push into the ground and they automatically come on when the light level drops.
  • Fountain pumps:- Fountain not only decorate your garden but also provide good water supply to your plants. if you need more details than you can  visit ProperlyRooted.

We should all keep abreast of current Covid-19 status in our state, as things can change very quickly. Whatever your chosen design, you can acquire everything you need from the online supplier and have to delivered to your door. Set aside a budget and a timeline and you will no longer be wondering what to do during the lockdown, plus you are doing something to boost the value of your home. Let’s know about the Sacramento tree and garden experts

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