Games that will Tell you About Sex and Relationships Better than School

At school, students hear about male and female differences only in biology class with a friendly giggle of the class. But, at home, parents sometimes avoid the issue of sexuality because they are ashamed to talk about it. Most often, teenagers learn details about sex from friends, social networks and porn sites, as well as through best pc porn games. Let’s talk about the most significant titles in the industry in terms of sex education.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – the Art of Seducing Witches

Andrzej Sapkowski’s saga of Geralt of Rivia is a detailed guide on how to constantly fall in love with the first woman you meet, spend a beautiful night with her, and regret it in the morning. Upon reading the novel, the prospect of having a painful relationship “with a taste of Destiny” discourages promiscuous intercourse. In the RPG from CD Projekt RED relationship with the girls, Geralt appears much more meaningful. – There are seven characters that the witch can have sex with in the game, but the player must be smart enough to turn each date to a bed scene. And Geralt has good endurance as it is not easy to satisfy so many women without “doping.”

Each bed scene in The Witcher 3 is an erotic work of art that is split into three stages: 

Foreplay, which often necessary for at least one side of coitus;

the process, often non-boring and varied, demonstrating the interest in the action of both the man and the woman; 

an unexpected ending – intoxicated by women’s (and not only) charms, Geralt loses his sense of time, sometimes loses his money, and sometimes (and this is also an important lesson) breaks a tender maiden’s heart.

Unfortunately, the game does not bother about the consequences of male-female intercourse, but that’s due to the rules of the universe. Because of the herb test, witches are sterile, so Geralt doesn’t risk leaving unplanned children. Except it’s not very clear what to do about the various diseases. 

Another important lesson in sex education we get from Geralt’s two main mistresses from Rivia. At the end of the playthrough, it turns out that sex with Triss and Jennifair affects the hero’s storyline. The player has to make a choice for the witch: stay with the red-haired northerner Merigold or prefer the “canonical” chosen protagonist. The clever developers from CD Projekt RED have left the third option: a “tango in threes”. Sorceresses agree to a threesome, chain Geralt to the bed, and … leave. In the morning, the abandoned hero-lover will be found by Buttercup’s best friend. Vital! 

GTA Series – Battles with the Priestesses of Love

In the Grand Theft Auto series, the main storyline has to do with crime, money, club life, and other adult entertainment. The games are also about sex and lady-lovers. Easy Girls are one of those NPCs that you can find in the series starting from GTA III. 

The iconic San Andreas also featured a special weapon – a long dildo, which was armed with some of the ladies of the night. Running away from their abusers, some threw it on the road while the bolder ones attacked you, trying to smack you with the unusual baton. What was most frustrating is that such a weapon was absolutely useless; a blow with it was no different from a simple blow with your fist. However, all children who happened to get familiar with the game beyond their age could discover the existence of sex toys.

Prostitutes in the game had not only an aesthetic purpose but also a practical one. By sleeping with them, it was possible to restore the health points of the hero. Quite strange mechanics, which did not include the risks associated with venereal diseases. 

It is also impossible not to mention the mod Hot Coffee for GTA: San Andreas. In the standard form offered by Rockstar Games, coitus was not shown on the screen fully. A year after the release, gamers learned about the existence of a special modification that launches a mini-game. With it, the camera turns on CJ and his girlfriend, and the menu gives the option to change the pose. Rockstar strongly denied that they had added Hot Coffee to the game by themselves. Due to the modification, the rating of the title increased too much in some countries. The game with this content would be impossible to sell in the usual stores. The modification was hidden, but later it was proved that it was embedded into the source code, so it was not the trick of hackers.

In GTA V you will also find the Love Priestesses in the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. They have a price list; many of the girls are attractive and willing to talk to the main character, not just serve him. Some even offer a second date. In general, the game traces the idea that the girl of easy virtue is not a puppet for pleasure but a human being. Interesting fact: to complete the game 100%, the gamer must rent a prostitute at least once. Maybe the developers hinted that it is also a kind of achievement. 

The Sims Series – Promiscuous Sex with Consequences

Players in The Sims fall into three types. Some create a character, build a house and leave the game, others remove ladders from the pool, and the rest flirt and have sex with everyone. With each addition, EA Games expands the list of erotic options and places where characters can sleep with each other. Before the sex was only available in bed, but now you can even do it in the bushes on the street. By the way, do you remember that there were always fireworks launched over the bed after sex? It probably identifies with the orgasm. Everyone knows that “fireworks” are the norm in a healthy relationship, so don’t be silent about its absence.

The Sims is hardly the only game in which sex can have “consequences” in the form of pregnancy and subsequent birth of children. In the fourth part, it became possible to choose whether to sleep with a partner without protection and get pregnant or to prefer safe intercourse – that’s what EA Games calls sex. If a child suddenly stumbles upon this game, he or she at least will have no illusions that babies come from Cabbage patches, although the practical side of the issue is still covered poorly. Perhaps no game will teach boys and girls how to protect themselves. This is worth talking to children face-to-face.

Flash Games about Sex – “Island of Debauchery” and Others 

If you’ve never seen ads for flash games about sex in your browser, then you have virgin cookies. In the noughties simple games about sex settled on phones, and then migrated to computers. In terms of code, they were incredibly easy to play, and because of the theme, they quickly went viral online and transferred from device to device.

You probably remember the character from “Island of Debauchery, in which the girls literally fell from the sky. The gameplay was similar to that in “Arkanoid,” where you have to hit the ball with a moving rocket to the right and left. Only the character of “Island of Debauchery” was moving on a raft and catching women. If you successfully hit the target lady, you were allowed to commit an act of love with her. 

There are quite a few games that have the same simple gameplay in 2020. Many of them are advertised on porn sites. Usually, the user is invited to undress the beauty, making her a couple of compliments, or demonstrate how to turn ordinary massage into an erotic one. It is unlikely that such tips help much in practice, but it is possible to learn about your own preferences for such games. That’s not a bad thing either. Figuring out what you like visually is important, but physical preferences can only be fully learned with a partner.

“Larry in the Weekend Suit” and Softporn Adventure are Erotic Quests for Adults

“Larry in the Weekend Suit” and Softporn Adventure are video game series that originated back in the eighties. Today’s schoolchildren are hardly aware of these works of game design, but kids of the nineties and noughties will definitely remember a few pickup lessons from Crazy Larry. 

Softporn Adventure is a text game written for the Apple II and ported to DOS. It has no graphics; the player just gets to chat with an imaginary girl, trying to seduce her. Quite a useful skill so far, but only if the girl doesn’t mind such correspondence.

“Larry in the Weekend Suit” is the successor to the text-based quest Softporn Adventure, filled with graphic elements and plot. A ridiculous hero named Larry was the embodiment of all existing failures. Everyone laughed at him; no one wanted him, his advances to women often ended in failure, and his James Bond-style manner of introduction evoked just sympathy. Still, sometimes Larry had sex. It made a lot of teenagers realize that if girls sometimes fell for a dorky, ugly guy in a stupid suit, they were bound to succeed. 

Rating of games with sexual content is strictly 18+. But, in fact, the families rarely check what exactly the teenager is doing on the computer, and many take advantage of this. We always recommend that you observe the age restriction. If the game is very appealing, you can try to go through it together with your parents. The Sims 4 and The Witcher is quite a family-friendly format. And, whenever there is questionable content, you can frankly discuss it together.

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