10 Ways to Beat Online Slot Machines

All modern slot machines use computer software to generate their results. The so-called Random Number Generator creates numbers every millisecond. The numbers fall between between 0 and 4 billion. The combinations of those numbers correspond to specific symbols of the reels. Once you understand how RNG works you will know that it is impossible to cheat at Slots Baby or come up with a game plan that will definitely lead to a payout. At the same time, there are a few things you can do to beat slot machines. Find out what they are below.

How to choose a slot to play?

Each slot machine is different and unique. There are so many slot titles available online that picking one can be overwhelming. When you’re looking for one to play you can consider:

• Slot’s theme

• Bonus features

• Volatility

• Return to Player value

10 ways to beat online slot machines

Whatever your experience with playing slots is, these 10 tips can be useful when coming up with a strategy to win at online slots.

1. Play high denomination slots – the higher the denomination, the more likely you are to get a payout.

2. Play less complicated games – all the bonus features in the most complex slots can make playing the game confusing and lower your chances of getting a payout.

3. Bet the maximum – doing it will allow you to activate all the lines, hence getting more possibilities of landing a winning combination.

4. Don’t play progressive slots – you should only go for them if you are determined to win a big jackpot because your chances of getting a payout when using them are low.

5. Only play the money you have extra – never spend the money you need to pay for rent or bills. Only bet what you wouldn’t mind losing.

6. Play slots with high RTP – if you want to win you should pick slots with RTP over 96%.

7. Check payout percentage – each slot game (pg สล็อต) has a different payback percentage. Usually, they are relative to how much each spin costs.

8. Decide how much you want to spend on each bet – that can help you control how much you’re spending and avoid betting too much.

9. Know when to stop playing – if you are on a winning streak it can be tempting to continue playing. Nevertheless, you can quickly lose everything you’ve won so if you have more than when you started the game, stop betting.

10. Play for fun, not to win – even though winning at slots is great, your main goal when using them should be entertainment.


Slot machines are fully automated so neither you nor casino operators can manipulate their results. Their randomness also means that there is no way of telling when a slot machine will hit. If you apply the tips discussed here, however, you will get a chance to beat online slots and win.

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