Fun Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers 2022

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s a crisp winter morning. You’ve been up all night. You stay up every night on Christmas eve. You can’t help it! How could you? You sit alone on the bed watching the hours tick away in anticipation. Every passing second is meant with a glance at the clock, and a sight that time just won’t move faster. You stay up and stay up as long as you possibly can. Until finally. You awake as if nothing happened. As if it were just any other day. But it is not just any day it’s Christmas day! You run down the stairs. Your heart can hardly stand its pounding in your chest. You come to find your parent sitting there waiting for you. Your mom has something in her lap, and it keeps wriggling around but you can’t quite make it out. All of the sudden your mom lets go of the mound, and it races straight towards you. It’s licking your face and crawling all over when you finally realize. It’s a puppy!!!!!! You’ve been asking your parents for years yet you never thought it would happen. What a sweet amazing little present. Your eyes well up with tears, you cant put it into words but something about the profundity of the moment hits you. You just met your best friend.

That’s how strong a connection is between someone and their pet. Especially if it’s a dog. When you have a dog, you have a companion. A wholly loving thing in your life. A bottomless well of unconditional love. Yes, the bond between a dog and its owner is one of the most special and intense kinds of relationships a person can experience. So it’s with that respect that when I write this article, I’m forced to ask myself. If my relationship with my dog is so special, shouldn’t the gifts I am giving to other dog owners be special too? With this fervent flair in my heart, I took it upon myself to find an answer to that question. So please if you will join me on this incredible list I’ve compiled to show you some of the best gifts you can give to a dog lover in 2022!

Are They A Swimming Breed?

Does your friend own a pool? When you and your bud decide to dive in do you look to your right and little Rex is throwing a fit on the edge of the water because he can’t jump in with you? Then I have the solution for you. If this is a reoccurring scene in your friend’s household then I suggest checking out FUNBOY’S dog floats! These are amazing durable floaties perfect for Fido, to chill and relax in the sun with you. Everyone loves a pool party and your dog does too! With these amazing new floaties, now your boy can enjoy the sun and fun with you!

Accessories, For the Active Fashionista

Do you have that one friend, who’s just a fashion maverick? It feels like whenever there’s a new style coming they are already wearing it? Someone who not just upon the trends, but about a mile ahead of them? Yes, I have that friend too and I think a commonality we’d find between the two of them is…They’re impossible to shop for! But thanks to Wild One, now we have an angle! You see this is a company that produces canine couture, for all your fashionista friends. These beautiful accessories, like harnesses, carrying bags, and toys. All come in beautiful soft tone colors that gel perfectly with many of today’s hottest looks! This is an amazing gift for those clotheshorse people in your life who have a bag for every occasion, just not one that can carry their fur-baby!

Something A Little Cozy

Speaking of fur babies do you have a person in your life that loves being a dog mom? Someone who takes that title and owns it? Well then let me introduce you to this amazing collection from the people over at Pawz. These are high-quality comfy clones, made from a bevy of beautitious blends, that are sure to make them some of your favorite clothes to nap in. Not only are they comfy, but they look great too. No, you’re not gonna be walking the catwalk in these hoodies, but they would be excellent for a dog walk!

A Whole New Kind of Crate Training

A recent phenomenon that’s taken the internet by storm is the proliferation of the loot crate! A loot crate is a blind box style package you buy that contains a plethora of potent little products tailored to a specific theme. And if you don’t think there’s been one for dog owners, well let me tell you, buddy. You’re missing out on Barkbox! This is a fun fresh way to keep your dog’s toys in rotation so that they never get bored! This keeps your dog’s mind active as it’s constantly being introduced to new things! Not only that, but it helps your friends because now they don’t have the world’s slimy-est tennis ball rolling around their house. And we call that a win-win!

It cannot be overstated enough. A person’s bond with their dog is one of the most special relationships you can have. It’s about the closest thing you can have to a kid (without having a kid). They depend on you for everything, and they love you like no other being on this planet can. That’s why when you’re choosing a gift for a friend who has a dog, they’ll probably love something related to their dog! And if you’re looking to make a change in your community, consider donating to your local no-kill shelter! Within this list is a plethora of items that will fill anyone with glee, so that you can rest assured that purchasing any one of these gifts is something that’ll make your friend howl with joy!

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