Forged pic of JLo and Vanessa Hudgens in matching 2022 Met Gala outfits, Rumours explained!

The Met Gala took place in New York City Friday night, and the guest list was just as star-studded as it has been in previous years. Kim K., Kate Moss, Hillary Clinton, Lizzo, Emma Chamberlain, and Bad Bunny have all walked the Met’s famed steps. Since Anna Wintour is Vogue’s editor, fans often look forward to seeing what celebrities wear to her yearly event. Khloe Kardashian was astonished at her first Met Gala in a gold beaded Moschino gown.

At the same time, Naomi Campbell wowed in a black and silver Burberry piece and Dove Cameron in a space alien-inspired structured gown. Now allegations are going around on Twitter that Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens walked up to the event wearing the same clothing, but the question is whether or not this happened.

According to rumour, JLo and Vanessa Hudgens donned identical costumes

Twitter has been rife with speculation ever since the end of the Met Gala charity event on the possibility that singer Jennifer Lopez and actress Vanessa Hudgens attended in the same costume. Everything began when an image of the two of them dressed in costumes that matched went popular on the internet. A lace bodice, puffy sleeves, and an extra-long length were some of the features of the Moschino dress, which was supposed to be transparent. The blunder so dumbfounded everyone that they turned to Twitter to share their astonishment at it. Caution is warranted, though, since not everything you read or hear on the internet should be taken seriously.

Con artists deceive fans with photo shopped image

When fans discovered that the image taken at the Met Gala wasn’t legitimate and that the two A-listers had different ensembles, they expressed their disappointment. It was discovered that Jennifer Lopez’s face had been digitally inserted into a photograph of Vanessa Hudgens, who wore the black gown at the 2022 gala. It’s hard to think that people on the internet might be fooled by photo alteration since it looks so terrible and ludicrous. It would have been rather remarkable if the two of them were dressed in the same thing, but alas, this was only a hoax spread around social media.

JLo skipped the 2022 Met Gala

Jennifer Lopez did not go to the Met Gala in 2022, even though a picture purporting to show her there duped many people. This year’s celebration is something that Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend, Ben Affleck, have opted to skip. Unknown to us is the motivation behind their actions. She has not communicated with her followers in any way, either by posting anything on social media or by giving them any clue of where she is. However, the singer made an appearance at the Met Gala in September of 2021, wearing a brown Ralph Lauren gown with a plunging neckline and a slit. Her cowboy hat and the other Western accessories that she donned with the ensemble caused many of her admirers to go weak in the knees. We hope that Jennifer Lopez will attend the Met Gala in 2023.

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