Five Reasons to Choose a Chinese University as an International Student

According to research, the population of international students in China is growing. This is not surprising as China welcomes people from all cultures and provides a conducive climate for learning.

Besides, the choice of China as a country of study provides countless opportunities for the student. Whether for a Bachelors’ degree or a Masters’ degree, China has a lot to offer everyone in its institutions. After taking care of your visa at, the rest comes with ease

Here are reasons to choose a Chinese University as your country of study.

  1. Opportunity to Join a Growing trend

A lot of students around the world are considering China as their destination of study. This is not surprising as the population of foreign students in China has doubled over the years.

Besides, according to ranking, China has the third-largest population of foreign students besides the UK and the US. Also, among the most popular destination for travel, China ranks fourth. Over the year, this number has been increasing steadily.

A decade ago, over 35% of all international students in China were South Korean Nationals. These days, we now have far more diverse demography with students from various countries coming to China for their study.

A study in China is an opportunity for anyone to reward himself with an experience that is not common. It will, indeed bear good fruits.

  • The options are Diverse.

As the years go by, foreign students and visitors in China have explored what the country has to offer. They are interested in the heart of the Chinese cities and other things peculiar about them.

A long time ago, foreign students were mainly interested in Beijing and Shanghai as the record has it that more than half of these students were in either of these two major Chinese cities. These days, however, the rate has fallen to less than 32%.

There are various cities in China, with tens of thousands of international students spread across the cities.

  • Growing Reputation of Chinese Universities

The reputation of your institution of study is pretty essential to your life. It matters whether you intend to keep studying or get a job.

Luckily, the respect for Chinese Universities is growing. Chinese Universities that feature in the significant global University rankings has grown significantly over the past couple of years.

A decade ago (2011), only six Chinese institutions made it to the World University Rankings in Times Higher Education. There are now around 40 Universities, which sets China above many first world countries.

  • The Climate favors Foreign Students.

Studying abroad could be expensive, which makes financial support important. Luckily, the Chinese government has a wide array of funding opportunities to attract foreign students. Around 277 institutions offer more than 40,000 scholarships for international students.

Five years ago, 405 of all foreign students in China got a scholarship from the government. This number has increased over the years.

  • It is helpful for one’s Career.

The knowledge and experience you will get from a Chinese institution are valuable assets many industries find indispensable.

The country’s economy is growing, which explains why China sees a considerable number of business trips every year.

Besides, China is the third most popular language in the world. An idea and experience of such a language can reward you with an impressive career boost in the future.


It is glaring that China does have a lot to offer Chinese Students. The Climate is conducive, and the crime rate is not out of the ordinary. Studying in China can be the best decision of your life.

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