Five Great ‘I’m Sorry’ Gifts to Get for Your Wife or Girlfriend

The holiday season has been and gone, and it’s highly likely, especially if you were hosting an extended family gathering over the festive period, that you may have lost your patience, and during this strained time, you may even have committed a faux pas that has left you in the doghouse with your wife or girlfriend.

Often issues that happen over this time can be exacerbated by the stress and anxiety that usually comes with the preparation around Christmas, and you may now need to say you are sorry. 

Let’s be brutally honest. If the subject of the apology is a man, then the amount of effort needed to address the issue is far less complex. However, if the person you are saying sorry to is your wife or girlfriend, then you may well be entering a world of pain. There are various ways you can look to combat the situation. Some can be assisted by using large sums of money, and others, which are actually more likely to work their magic, involve being more personal and thoughtful in your approach.

A bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates may not be enough to cover your latest argument, and therefore you might need a much better ‘I’m Sorry’ gift, and with that in mind, here are a few options to consider.

Personalized Jewelry

Nothing quite says ‘I’m Sorry’ than a stylish piece of jewelry, and you can double up the quality of the gift by making the item a personalized, custom-made one. This kind of gift has become hugely fashionable with many stars and celebrities wearing them on the red carpet or the catwalk. 

It’s an ideal way to say you are sorry, and you can even make the custom name necklace make reference to your apology in some way. Maybe you’ll make it in their name or a nickname you have for each other, or maybe your children. We can guarantee that if you get this kind of present for your partner, they are sure to allow you to come in from the cold. 

Just remember to use her name and not an ex-girlfriend!

Weekend Trip Overseas

The coronavirus has had a massive effect on what we can do and where we can go, but for some of us, the regulations and guidelines are loosening, and that might mean you can now go away on a trip.

Why not surprise your wife or girlfriend with a short trip away. Something you can plan without her knowing and orchestrate in a way that makes it a real surprise. Clearly, if you have kids, then you might have to enlist grandparents to help out, and also, you’ll need to root out her passport with her knowing.

This is the kind of apology present that goes a long way as it shows you care enough to not only spend a large amount of money on saying sorry but also you are planning the whole thing as well, which is no mean feat.

Designer Brand Bag

How bad was your transgression? How much of an apology do you have to make? Perhaps spending big on a classy designer bag will make up for what you are saying sorry for? For this one, you might want to ask her friends first.

Find out what kind of bag she’d like and maybe even get a friend’s help to pick it out, because let’s face it, you might end up getting something entirely wrong, and then the gift will fail to have the impact you were looking for.

Be ready to splash the cash here as designer bags are not cheap, and do not even consider buying a cheaper knock-off, as that sends out entirely the wrong message.

A Pampering Gift Box

A slightly less expensive but still very effective apology gift could come in the form of a pampering gift box. This would require you to get a number of relevant items and put them together yourself or find somewhere that does the hard work for you.

Essentially here, you want to combine some nice cosmetic items and relevant materials for an at-home spa-type of experience. So this could be essential oils, scented candles all the way to silk bathrobes, and plush slippers.

Then the idea would involve you assisting in the pampering experience throughout the day, night, or weekend, depending on just how much you are saying sorry for. This is a nice gesture and is more playful than earlier gifts, and is perhaps more relevant for smaller arguments you may have had but still requires you to put in the relevant amount of work and effort into it. In other words, don’t go into this half-heartedly.

A Night Out on the Town

One other option may be just a good old-fashioned night out on the town, and this may be just the right idea if you happen to not get enough time for yourselves. Pick out a classy restaurant and if relevant to your locality, maybe combine the event with a trip to the theater or the cinema and then maybe go out to a local bar to finish the night off.

This is a chance to be more intimate and share some time together; during this time, you should, of course, say you are sorry for whatever it is you did, maybe even more than once, and then hopefully the fun of the evening will help loosen her up and see her defenses come down. 

To be clear, this isn’t a chance for you to booze it up; this is about you showing your wife or girlfriend a good time in the hope that she forgives you for whatever stupid thing you did! 

Good luck!

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