Find Out Where to Stay in Atlanta, and How to Enjoy Your Trip, in Our Guide

Are you looking to visit a bustling and multicultural city full of history? Does drinking a cold sweet tea after learning about civil rights and Black Hollywood sound interesting? If yes, you might want to consider Atlanta as your next travel destination.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, the number of things you can do in Atlanta is almost endless. While this can make traveling fun, it can also make planning an Atlanta trip a bit of a challenge.

If you’re wondering what to do and where to stay in Atlanta, keep reading for a guide that will fill you in on everything you need to know. 


As is the case with most cities, the downtown area is the heart of Atlanta. Remember that this city is the capital of Georgia, so the state capitol is there, as are a huge amount of businesses and events that take place throughout the year. 

If you’re looking for an urban option, staying Downtown might be your best bet. You’ll find a ton of massive hotels and high rises, which, although pricey, provide you with fantastic views of the city. If you want a quieter option, you can always stay in some of the area’s stunning Airbnbs. 

Tourists will have no shortage of things to do while exploring Downtown. From the Georgia Aquarium to CNN Center and Centennial Park, attractions are everywhere. You can also find food markets and world-class dining. 

Downtown also has great public transportation options, including streetcars. 


City centers are great, but what if you want a swankier option? If that sounds like you, you might want to plan on making Buckhead your home-away-from-home.

Atlanta’s most lavish area is located to the north of the city. It contains everything from small and chic hotels, to massive luxury chains. Airbnbs are also plentiful here, with options ranging from penthouses to treehouses. 

Most people who stay in Buckhead are there for shopping. Luxury brands like Cartier and Gucci have stores there, as do more affordable brands, like Forever 21 and Zara. 

The food and bar scene in Buckhead is also amazing. You can stop by a small hole-in-the-wall for an afternoon cocktail, then make your way to a luxury 5-star restaurant for dinner all in the same day. 

Buckhead isn’t for those on a budget, but if you can swing it financially, you’ll be certain to enjoy the experience. 


If Atlanta’s heart is in Downtown, you can find its soul in Midtown. This bustling neighborhood has become the cultural center of the city, with museums and art galleries rampant. If you’re looking for a sign of how progressive the area is, you’ll find rainbow crosswalks everywhere. 

Midtown has a huge variety of places to stay, but almost all of them epitomize sophistication and charm. From Victorian apartments to the Four Seasons hotel, Midtown has it all.

As mentioned, the Midtown arts scene is huge. Aside from that, you can explore Piedmont Park if you want to escape the concrete jungle, and Atlantic Station if you’re in the mood for some outdoor shopping. 

Unlike some of the other areas of the city, Midtown is quite walkable. You can park your car and walk to see the different sites, or take advantage of the area’s excellent public transportation. 


If you’re looking to explore Atlanta in the day but want something a bit more suburban at night, consider staying in Cobb. Located on the outskirts of the city, Cobb blends the urban and suburban areas of the city.

While you can still find beautiful hotels, townhomes and street-level Airbnbs are also plentiful. For a central location in the area, consider staying near Truist Park, the stadium of the Atlanta Braves.

If you’re a fan of amusement parks, make sure to visit Six Flags Over Georgia. Cobb also boasts excellent food, malls, and even a place where you can go skydiving indoors. 

As Cobb is a quieter area of the city, parking will be much less of a hassle than in other neighborhoods. You won’t have to worry about not being able to secure a spot. 

Little Five Points

Located on the eastern side of Atlanta, Little Five Points provides its visitors and residents with a hip and trendy area to explore.

Little Five Points lacks the massive skyscrapers that some of the other areas have, which helps to give the area a more open feeling. Most people who stay in the region stay in Airbnbs or bed and breakfasts. 

If you’re an aspiring influencer, you’ll find the area to be one full of photo opportunities. Famous street art and massive parks ensure that you’ll never be unable to find the perfect spot to snap a picture.

Shopping in Little Five Points means visiting thrift stores and consignment shops. You can also find a lot of delicious international food, giving you the option to sample everything from Chinese steamed buns to Spanish tapas. 

Wondering Where to Stay in Atlanta? Consider One of These Neighborhoods

As Atlanta is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the United States, you want to make sure that you go in with a game plan. If you’re wondering what to do and where to stay in Atlanta, use this guide to help you find the perfect area to serve as your home base. 

Do you now have a better idea of where to stay and which things to do in Atlanta? If you do, take a moment to browse through some of our other articles for more helpful guides and tips. 

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