Falling At the Oscars: Jason Derulo Strikes Again, Demonstrating That Good Humour Endures, Details Explored!

Despite the fact that he was not in attendance at the 2022 Oscars this week, the musician Jason Derulo has been trending in an old joke that reappears on social media every time awards season rolls around. Many tweets, like the one below, claimed that the R&B singer had fallen down the stairs when entering the event, but it turned out that these tweets were all part of an elaborate online hoax.

How did “Jason” fall down the stairs?

The photograph was published for the first time in 2015, and the rumour at the time was that it depicted Derulo tripping and falling while attending the Met Gala. However, it was quickly established that the whole thing was a fraud. Actually, the man who falls is just any guy at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival who has never gone to the Met Gala. There was plenty of drama during this year’s Oscars, including Will Smith hitting comic Chris Rock when his joke fell flat, so naturally, the picture reappeared in the days leading up to the ceremony. The singer was among the celebs, previous Oscar nominees, and winners who were present at a Viewing Banquet of the award event at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant but did not attend the Oscars. The online joke that Derulo wounded himself during an awards presentation has gone viral and now has its own entry in a database of internet jokes.

Where else has this mysterious man fallen, and who is he?

During award presentations such as the 2021 Emmys and the 2021 Met Gala, telling a joke about the internet has become an ongoing thing. The festivalgoer who was removed off the red carpet at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and subsequently fell face-first down the stairs became the subject of a famous photograph. However, he was simply an average attendee at the event. Despite the fact that Jason himself debunked the photos in a tweet in 2015 that has since been removed, showing that he was at rehearsals for a live performance rather than the event, the shot continues appearing, again and again each year.

What really took place during the 2022 Oscars?

Will Smith rushing the stage to smack Chris Rock became a hot subject of discussion on social media and was just one of several unexpected moments during this year’s award presentation. Apart from that, there were going to be some memorable moments, what with a roster of comedians hosting the night and a stunning opening performance by Beyoncé. Timothee Chalamet made the decision to leave his shirt in his dressing room while he was on the red carpet, which started a debate and caused many of us to question whether he was comfortable enough in the environment. This wardrobe style was also included in this year’s rounds of Jason Derulo jokes. For example, some people joked that the actor being shirtless was the reason for ‘Jason’ collapse.

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