Facebook Live Video Shows Woman Being Stabbed, Twitter Explains Earl Lee Johnson Jr.’s Death

A woman was stabbed while it was being broadcast live on Facebook. A homicide investigation is currently being conducted in connection with the stabbing death of Janice David a few days ago. According to the findings of the research, law enforcement has arrested in connection with the brutal killing of Janice. On Monday, police reportedly detained a man on suspicion of involvement in the death of Janice David.

According to the reports, the man was arrested. On the other hand, this case has received a great deal of attention from the media due to the fact that the murder of Janice was streamed live on social media, which frustrated other individuals. The person responsible for the murder of Janice David is currently being sought by authorities all over the world. In this piece, we’ve dedicated a lot of space to discussing the suspect’s arrest as well as the murder investigation. Please continue to read the rest of this article, which is linked from this page.

Stabbed on Facebook Live Streaming

According to the reports, the suspect killed Janice in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and then live-streamed the event on Facebook after it had already happened. According to the sources, on Monday night around ten o’clock, the body of a man who was 34 years old was discovered inside a vehicle. Officers discovered a live broadcast of the murder already when they found the body of the victim, as stated by the Baton Rouge Police Department. What exactly led to Janice David’s death? What was he trying to accomplish when he killed her, and why did he do it? The following are the responses to the questions that have recently garnered a lot of attention on the internet.

Twitter confirmed Earl Lee Johnson Jr.’s death

Baton Rouge law enforcement According to Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr. discovered the dead body of Janice David inside the vehicle. On Monday, Earl Lee Johnson was taken into custody on suspicion that he was involved in a case involving the theft of a vehicle. Police have taken into custody a male suspect aged 35 years old at this time. According to McKneely’s account, the live feed was viewed by at least one person who then contacted the authorities after seeing it on Facebook.

According to him, it was also described as a horrible affair that took place. It is also said that, Johnson has also confessed to committing the crime. The individual who was taken into custody is being charged with multiple counts of felony murder, including first-degree murder. According to the authorities, it is unknown whether or not the victim and the suspect knew one another. Investigators have not yet been able to determine what could have caused David’s horrific death. During this time, the police suspected that drugs played a role in the incident. Keep an eye out on this page for any new information or updates that may have been added.

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