Exterior Home Upgrades That Have Major Impact on Home Value

Many people ask how exactly they can upgrade their home to make it more enjoyable for themselves, which will ultimately increase the house’s overall value. While there are many upgrades one can do, the most effective are often public and always on display. Exterior upgrades are continuously selling, and this is why they will almost always add to your home’s overall value. Here are some of the top tips for upgrading your home’s exterior:

Basic Landscaping

Your yard is the first impression buyers see when they pull up to your property for a viewing. If you’re looking to increase home value and/or sell your house quickly, then the landscaping should be impeccable. You don’t need fancy topiaries to make your yard look great, just clean design and a well kept lawn. Ensure that bushes are pruned, leaves are raked, grass is cut, trees are trimmed, weeds are managed, gardens aren’t overgrown, mulch is new and any hardscaping is power washed.

These are very basic home maintenance tasks, but have a big impact on the value and first impression of your home. You can probably undertake most of these activities on your own if you have the time and desire, just make sure to reserve a waste container for all the debris you’ll collect in the process. You’ll likely find a local company nearby, like this dumpster rental Aurora IL one, to help you secure a bin for the project.

Add a Fire Pit

There is something fundamentally cozy and social about a roaring fire in the outdoors, and this is especially true when it is in the comfort of your own backyard. The very thought of spending time with friends and family around a crackling fire pit is an enticing selling feature to would-be buyers. A fire pit is a relatively low-cost option to upgrade the exterior of your home, while dramatically increasing marketability, especially for those homeowners who already have the backyard and space to install it.

Paint the Exterior

The power of “curb appeal” is certainly real, and there is nothing nearly as cost-effective as a brand new coat of paint on your house. A freshly painted home is eye-catching and attractive, especially compared to one that is dull, faded, or cracked. However, homeowners should be careful when choosing colors for their exterior, as there are certainly some that should be avoided. And, while painting your home may seem like a fun DIY project to some, it often turns into a time-consuming burden rather quickly. It is therefore highly recommended that you hire painting professionals instead to not only save you the hassle but to ensure it is done flawlessly the first time. Professional painters are authorities on the do’s and don’t of painting, and a proper paint job can be all the difference when it comes to selling your home.

Install a Pool

Installing a pool can be costly and indeed a hefty investment. However, it is almost always guaranteed to add value to your home. Installing a pool may not be the best option for some, especially when there are less expensive options to choose from. However, if you live in a city where the weather justifies it and already have the space, it is highly recommended to add a pool to your backyard. As for exactly how much value it will add to your home is dependent on multiple factors; however, it often ranges between anywhere from 4 – 8%.

Build or Refinish a Deck

A quality wooden deck has an unmistakable charm and can play a significant role in selling your home. While the cost of building a new deck can range drastically depending on size, design, and materials, it without a doubt raises the overall home’s value. However, if a deck is already in place, it may be much more cost-effective to simply re-paint, refinish, or repair the existing deck to make it more attractive and eye-catching for would-be-buyers.

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