Essential questions to ask your carpet cleaning service before hiring

When you require carpet cleaning, the first thing you need to do is hire an expert cleaning service. According to the experts, if you are living in a metropolitan city, then depending on the external conditions like traffic, footfall and lifestyle choices you need to clean your carpet at the very least once a year.

A general rule of thumb when searching for the best carpet cleaning service is to take quotes from three different services to get the best deal in terms of pricing. Keep in mind that there are services that offer a bargain price and then charge you more than the quotation once they start the work. Make sure to avoid such duplicitous practices.

The following section lists all the important questions that you need to ask while choosing your carpet cleaning service.

Ask about free estimates

Most professional and expert carpet cleaning companies of high reputation will offer you a free estimate. You can ask for your free quote over the phone as well. And, always make sure you get quotations from more than one service to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. The cost is usually between $25-75, and this is dependent on the dimensions of the room. 

Ask about the cleaning method

There are various methods to clean a carpet, including hot water treatment and using a carpet washer. This bit of technicality makes all the difference in the final output. So, it is essential that you review your service before investing. Check the user ratings to judge customer satisfaction metrics.

Ask about the insurance coverage of the company

Carpet cleaning can use chemicals, as well. This means your carpet might even get damaged due to improper handling of hazardous cleaning materials. To make sure that you are in safe hands, you need to ask about the insurance and bonding of the carpet cleaning service.

Ask about the duration of the process

Any experienced carpet cleaning service will ask you to wait for 24 hours after cleaning. Any carpet takes around a day to dry completely after a thorough cleaning session. As per your request, extra effort for drying is employed to reduce the time required. However, you need to keep in mind about variables like the relative humidity content and the type of fiber. Ask about the how and when of the cleaning and what to do regarding pets, if any.

Ask about the guarantee of work

Guarantees are essential, not just for you but for the carpet cleaning service as well. But it is also important to understand that these guarantees are based on several factors, so ask your service to be upfront about every minute detail. Many services will offer up a 30-day guarantee in case of incomplete cleaning. However, this excludes fresh spillage once the job gets over.

Keep in mind these primary considerations and ask your questions before signing up with a carpet cleaning service. Hire your expert today.

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