Escape Room Near Me for Kids: How To Beat Escape Rooms

Have you ever felt trapped and wondered how to escape?

We’re not talking about being stuck in a jail cell, of course, we’re talking about those fun escape rooms that you love going to but that also frustrate you at times!

But what is the best way to beat an escape room near me for kids? This escape room guide will show you the best tips on how kids can win at an escape room.

Here’s our escape room advice:

Teach Them Teamwork

The first strategy is to assign different tasks to different kids in the group. One kid might excel at puzzles that involve math equations.

Another kid might understand language much easier and should stick to such puzzles.

If you can delegate different tasks to the children they’ll all feel appreciated. It also teaches them to work as a team and helps them become more efficient when dealing with the game.

This also helps the children learn the importance of teamwork which they’ll need in later life. Make sure each child gets a chance to lead one part of the escape room. No kid should feel that they’re just following another’s lead and not taking control themselves.

Ask for Clues

Kids will feel a greater sense of accomplishment if they win the game, regardless of if they need clues. Adults have more pride and want to win without clues.

But for kids, let them take advantage of clues whenever they get stuck. You want to ensure that they win the game and manage to escape no matter what.

Don’t Ignore the Guide

In many cases, you’ll have a guide who supervises the escape room. This is especially true when dealing with an escape room for kids.

Make sure you never ignore the guide as they can provide you with escape room advice on how to win the game as fast as possible.

For kids, it’s also a great way to teach them how to take advice from their elders and others in a position of authority. Like you, the escape room guide serves as a mentor to the children.

Start Easy

No doubt, the escape room you visit will have different levels of difficulty. As an adult, you might wish to jump into a difficult escape room right away.

But children can feel disheartened if they find the game to be too difficult. Let them slowly work their way up to a more difficult level.

When you take them to an escape room start with a game that’s not too challenging for their skill level. You can visit to find the perfect escape challenge in Providence!

Look for an ‘Escape Room Near Me for Kids’

Now you can look for an ‘escape room near me for kids’ to find the best escape room challenge for your children.

You want to make sure they have a great chance of winning so they’ll enjoy the event. You must first assign tasks based on each kid’s strengths. Make sure you also ask for clues whenever possible.

Always take the advice from the escape room guide. Make sure you start easy before progressing to a harder level.

You can find more escape room tips on our blog.

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