Emergency Cash and Other Financial Aids For Single Mothers

A Tricky Situation.

When we are growing up, we often grow up with the notion of 2 parent households, a comfortable income, a luscious house, and plenty of fun. As we grow older we realize this is not true, not for everyone.

There are many one parent households, single moms, single dads, who struggle to keep themselves going, let alone with a child to look after too. It is not their fault. Most of the time, there are financial issues that cannot be avoided, happening way after the birth of their child, and now they face issues.

How can you get emergency cash, or financial help when you are a single parent?

Being a single parent is hard enough without all the struggling financially on top of it.

Raising kids means little you time, working, being a parent, looking after yourself, preparing meals, helping with homework, and somehow getting enough sleep. There are only 24 hours in a day!

We get you, it’s really tough, but you aren’t alone, there are plenty of things that can help you when you are a single parent juggling the horde of responsibilities you need to face every day.

Finances are hard enough these days, and it’s extra hard when you are in this situation.

Sometimes loans are the answer, it is not always ideal, and it can be tricky to find the right one who will understand the situation you are in, so it is best to find a lender for single parents. Where do you even start to find one of those?

Well, we are here, and we have plenty of information for you on how you can get help, and out of the rut you are stuck in. Keep on reading, it gets easier.

How Can You Get Financial Help?

There is much in the way of financial help for those who are low-income, needy, senior, disabled, or in this case, single parents.

Every government will have their own programs for these people in hard conditions, but in the U.S. there are different programs, and some states can be very helpful.

You need to know how these programs work, and where to get started. If you have no income, a maternity condition or the like then government programs may actually be of great help.

You may be able to get disability insurance, paid leave benefits, or temporary disability.

You can also get compensation and seek out benefits if you have lost wages.

However, you should look to seek help from your area, preferably via a local social services. Some states will have these in droves to help – for example Texas has a lot of information online about financial help for single moms.

Yet, we will focus on the general plans available for citizens of the U.S. overall, and how they can help you in the specific ways you need them to.

Are There Government Plans Available?

Government plans can help, you may be able to get a free grant, you may be able to find some that best suit your situation and there are many.

Hence, we will look at each of these individually, so you can find which one best suits your requirements.


H.E.A means Home Energy Assistance. So, you have to pay utilities, maintenance and energy costs for your home. This is a very helpful program for single parents. If you require help to pay rent or are striving for extra cash to pay for utilities, this will work.

It is put into place by the department of health and human services, available in every state.

You can get up to $350 to cover the costs of heating or cooling bills and anything of the like.

Always check with social services on how you can proceed with getting this type of help.


SNAP means Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This is a program in play to help low income people who are in desperate need of emergency cash. It is in place to allow single parents to buy good and nutritionally rich foods to feed their children. America cares about the welfare of the future generation.

As well as this, it can allow you to grow foods, so you can meet the needs of your child nutritionally. This is another program available in every state. Just go online and search ‘SNAP near me’ and you will find it.

Child Care.

There is no denying that children are our future, and so you need to ensure their needs are met. The U.S. wants to ensure that your children’ are met in their basic needs and rights. As a single parent, there are many ways to get your hands on this type of benefit.

Social security also provides funds to help you cover child care costs. They may provide cash for the parent with a low income to meet the costs required for childcare.

You can get a maximum of up to $325 to be used as emergency funds as well. You may need income and to apply for jobs that will be able to support you in your tough situation. Through this program you can also get a job connection subsidy, as an additional form of help.


H.U.D stands for Housing and Urban Development, and they have many programs for people in low income households, as well as the disabled and seniors.

They design their programs to help those who are in dire need of help or have trouble getting a house on a low income. This includes single parents who may struggle to pay rent.

The Housing and Urban Development Department works with private landowners in order to build houses for those who require assistance in affording homes.

Single parents have a lot of hardship, and so you can get specially prioritized for facilities under this practice, including housing choice vouchers as emergency cash. You can also apply to have a low-income house which can save you that dire cash.

Can You Get Emergency Cash Fast?

There are some other programs available, and these can all be found in the same way you will find the ones mentioned above.

However, when you are in desperate need of emergency funds, you can still get emergency cash.

It does not matter what program or organization you go through, you simply need that cash advance… advanced. You may have to provide valid reasons and documents, and when you do, you can get your emergency funds speedily.

There are so many lenders who you can borrow money from in these situations. Most of these will require some rulings such as being over 18, a U.S. citizen, with a social security number, birth certificate, and an income source that is legal and authenticated.

Find a provider, in some cases this can be loans, such as personal loans or the like. You can usually get emergency loans up to $1,000. Emergency loans will provide short term problem resolution, however, it is not permanent, and you will need additional help for a more permanent resolve.

Yet, with emergency loans you can get the money you need fast, based on the urgency of your present situation.

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