Elden ring finger reader Enia location,Details Explained

The Finger Reader Enia is known as an ancient woman who will have wields a massive club in Elden Ring. If you finish the first demigod level, then you can run to Enia, and she is considered the game’s only finger reader name. If you want to use your remembrance in a powerful weapon or high-level spell, then she is the only way you want to go. However, you need little help, but it will be easy to find the Enia the Finger reader location with the help of the Elden Ring Guide.

How to find the Location of Enia in Elden Ring

Enia Finger reader will quickly find out in the Elden Ring Roundtable Hold, and she will be alone in the private room, and you can find the room after climbing a set of small stairs. If you defeat the first demigod-level boss, it will usually be like GodRick Grafted, and after that, you will get your first Remembrance and Great Run. Then you can quickly go to the Roundtable Hold, which will unlock already. The following points will help you to turn your remembrance into a high-level spell and massive weapon.

First, you should rest at the site of the Grace near the Stormveil Castle. After that, Melina will transport you to the correct roundtable hold, and from there, you have to take proper and go in between two statues. There you will see a set of stairs which leads to the private room where you can find out the Finger Reader Enia. Then you can speak to her, and also you can select the remembrance based on your choice. Using the following steps, you can easily find the Enia in the game and get the power of remembrance. After finding the Elden ring’s location, you can continue playing in the game.

Where is the Finger Reader?

The Finger Reader is considered one of the essential NPCs encountered in Elden Ring, and it is like others, and you can also speak with it and learn about the lore lands between them. Finger reader will come with generous storage of items and contains powerful abilities that help you learn to bring your memories. Finding the finger reader in the Elden ring and finger reader is also known as Enia, which will appear in the roundtable had closed doors. You need to fight against God rick and defeat the Grafted to find them, and after defecting, you can return to the Roundtable Hold, which will speak with her.

She will be near the closed door directly after the table at the centre of your location, and if you speak with her, she will tell you the direction to the Elden lord and obtain your great rune first. If you continue your talk, then she will tell about the power of your remembrances and also she will tell about the Great Runes which give you memories. Then you have to pick any chance t between two various skills, but once you select one, that memory will be gone forever.

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