Don’t Forget to Consider These 11 Points When Hiring React Native Developers

React Native is an open-source cross-platform mobile app framework that has made its way to the list of top front-end development technologies. Developed by the biggest social networking company. Facebook, the prime purpose behind the development of RN is to reduce the cost of the development process and time of coding.

The technology helps a React Native development company and its developers to build a mobile application by using the codes that was compatible with iOS and Android mobile software. The popularity of RN can be understood from the fact that even the renowned tech giants (Instagram, Skype,, Pinterest, UberEats, Vogue, and Bloomberg) are using it for their mobile app platforms.

If you too want to develop a mobile app using React Native framework, then it is recommended to hire a professional React Native developer or company that can give you the best value for your money. Here are the points you should keep in mind before handing over your mobile app development project:

  1. Expertise on Javascript and Its Libraries

JavaScript is the backbone of React Native; therefore, having a sound knowledge of JS is a must for an RN developer. So, don’t forget this important point when you search React Native developers for hire.

  • Well-Versed With ES6 and React

A React Native developer must have knowledge of ES6 or ECMAScript, which has been developed to standardize JavaScript. The scripting language helps in multiple independent implementations on different platforms. Check the same with the candidate or the company.

  • Knowledge of Redux

When developing a mobile app with React Native, it is good to be conversant with Redux- an open-source JS library that helps in building user interfaces. Ask the RN developer you hire for the same.

  • Sound Backend Skills

In case, if your project involves backend work, then remember to ask your developer about Meteor, Parse Server, or any other backend technology.

  • Proficiency in React Native

It is recommended to hire only experienced React Native to get an efficient and functional mobile application. To find out the same, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the technology. Also, check how much they know about the common RN development tools such as Sentry error tracking, Bitrise, Hockeyapp, ESLint, and Enzyme.

  • Debugging and Testing Skills

While developing an application, it is obvious to face errors and bugs. So, when you hire React Native developers, make sure they have this skill of diagnosing and troubleshooting errors immediately.

  • Knowledge of the Flux Design Pattern

Flux along with its libraries such as Fluxxor, Redux, MobX, etc. are used to build client-side web server applications. Ensure that your RN developer knows well about it.

  • Know-how of Unit Testing with Jest or Karma

Unit testing with Jest or Karma ensures the flawless functioning of an app. These JS test runners are required to run the testing of the frontend in a browser. Don’t forget to ask about these two to your RN developer.

  • Good command over CSS and HTML

React Native utilizes JSX, which is almost similar to HTML; therefore, having its knowledge would be an added advantage.

  1. Proficiency in JavaScript build tools like Gulp, Grunt, and Bower

Ask questions about the common JS tools that are used for building user interfaces while developing a mobile application. If your developer knows about them, then it is definitely a good thing.

  1. Should be able to provide round the clock support

Your React Native development company should be able to deliver 24*7 support services to help you deal with the bugs that may occur at any hour of the day. Some of the top-renowned companies, such as Quytech, have a proven record of delivering the best React Native development services. Choose them today and get a fully-functional app for your business.

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