Don’t be dazzled by the bonuses when choosing an online casino

Online casino gaming is a pastime that has truly taken the world by storm over the past few years. It’s not just that there are billions of people around the world playing slot games and casino favorites like roulette and blackjack online. There are also thousands who make a living from working in this profitable and competitive sector. Industry experts estimate that there are about 2000 online casinos currently in operation, ranging from big-brand global operators to small but ambitious startups.

Choosing where to play

Clearly, casino players are spoilt for choice. Due to the financial nature of real money casino gaming, casinos have to perform various compliance checks when you register to protect themselves against issues like money laundering, so joining a casino and getting fully verified can take some time and form-filling. It’s not something you want to do over and again, so selecting the right casino in the first place is clearly important. Likewise, casinos invest a lot of their marketing effort and budget into tempting new players to join them.

Everyone likes something for nothing, so most casinos offer special promotions such as free spins and bonus cash for new members. That in itself can become competitive, so you will see some platforms offering as many as 500 free spins, or perhaps a bonus of up to $500. It can almost look too good to be true, and oftentimes, that is exactly what it is.

All that glitters is not gold

You might see three casinos, one offering 50 free spins, one offering 100 free spins and one offering 200 free spins. It is tempting to just go for the biggest number, but expert casino reviewers such as Gamble Online will tell you that the number of free spins on offer is no measure of which is the best casino, or even the best deal.

First and foremost, if the casino is not trustworthy and reputable it doesn’t matter how many free spins it offers, you should still steer well clear. Gamble Online’s list of recommended casino providers at is a good place to start your search.

Quality trumps quantity in casino bouses

It’s not just the quality of the casino you need to consider, but also the quality of the bonus itself. Typically, when a bonus looks more generous at first glance, it is subject to more onerous terms and conditions. For example, suppose Casino A offers a no deposit bonus of $50 and Casino B offers $15. A looks better at first glance, but if it has a wagering requirement of 60x and B’s bonus has a wagering requirement of 10x, that puts a different perspective on it.

With A, you would have to “play through” the bonus amount 60 times, placing $3,000 in wagers from the bonus and whatever you win from it before you can withdraw any real winnings. With B, you would only have to place $150 in wagers, meaning you have a chance of seeing a tangible reward instead of simply burning the bonus out.

Wagering requirement is just one common condition, so always read the small print very carefully before signing up.

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