How Does Dolly Parton looks Without Makeup

Dolly Parton is a Legendary, glamorous Country singer popularly known for her elegant looks, which includes her rhinestoned costumes added with a lot of makeup.

Her powerful voice and her excellent songwriting skills have helped her to establish her career both on the country music, as well as pop music.

Her accomplishments include her blockbuster hits like  “Jolene,”  ”  Joshua,” “The Bargain Store, “Here You Come Again,” ” I Will Always Love You,” “Islands in the Stream,”  and “9 to 5” and many more.

She is an extremely skilled singer, as well as a songwriter, is especially known for her narratives and her offbeat vocals.

This legendary singer has also won many awards and was even initiated into the Country Music Hall of Fame in the year of 1999. She was featured in the films including, ‘ Steel Magnolias’ and  ‘9 to 5’, which provided a boost to her career. This singer continues to record her songs and travel around the world regularly.

Dolly Parton’s Art of Make-up

Parton is regarded as the queen of her blonde hair and bold makeup, as she always maintains her iconic look.

Her commitment to maintaining her iconic look is something that sees values a lot.

Recently in an interview with the New York Times, Patron shared her secret by revealing the fact that she doesn’t remove her makeup overnight.

She’s so obsessed with looking perfect that she sleeps with her makeup on even during the nights, just to remain cautioned before any sort of recurring emergencies.

As she doesn’t believe in being a crouch, so she believes in wearing makeup even at home and always remains dressed up perfectly.

Dolly Parton’s authenticity

Dolly Parton, in an interview, said that her make up is a part of herself. She claims her work to be good enough, as people around the world recognize her in her makeup look.

She even claimed that though she looks completely artificial in her look, but is very real, in her profession, as well as in her personality.

She plans to remain like this forever, and regards this to be a matter of courage and even says that she feels purely comfortable and happy in the way she presents herself in front of the audience.

In the interview, she also said that a jewel always shines like a diamond.

She even regarded that she won’t be changing her looks to please anyone or to increase her followers and also added that if her work is perfect, then people would surely appreciate it.

Dolly Parton’s Daily Makeup Routine

Parton’s makeup is something that she does by herself every day during the morning hour of the day.

As she sleeps with her makeup on throughout the night, that is why she cleans her face in the morning.

After completing her breakfast and her religious work, she fixes up her hair and makeup just within 15 minutes. So her habits are her kind of things, and should never be judged and accepted and credited for her immense dedication for being herself.

Dolly parton with or without make up

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