Does American Detective Joe Kenda Have Cancer? Current Health Status and Nose Scar details revealed!

What’s the Deal with American Detective Joe Kenda’s Health? Does He Have Cancer? Is the illness said to be afflicting Joe Kenda, star of American Detective, real? Let’s look at the retired Lieutenant’s present state of health and the illness he has been diagnosed with. Joseph Patrick Kenda served for the Colorado Springs Police Department for 23 years, rising to the rank of detective lieutenant. During that time, he was involved in 387 murder investigations, 356 of which were solved. On his Investigation Discovery programme, ‘Homicide Hunter,’ he discusses cases he has worked on and how he ultimately solved them. As if his 23 years of service with the Colorado Springs Police Department weren’t impressive enough, Kenda just broke the IMDb record for the Discovery Channel’s highest audience rating performance with a 9.0/10 for the network’s most recognised crime programme.

Does American Detective Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

According to one theory that centres on the scars on his nose, Joe Kenda is suspected of having skin cancer. But Joe doesn’t directly address the sickness rumour. The ex-homicide detective has been silent on social media about his significant health problems. His 75-year-old self seems happy, healthy, and vibrant as he shares precious moments of love and happiness with his beloved Mary Kathleen. He had dated Mary since they were both in high school, and the two were finally married in 1967.

Dan and Chris, the couple’s two wonderful kids, are a true blessing. When Joe left the police service in 1996, he made his TV debut. With the launch of “The Homicide Hunter” in 2011, in which he recounted the crimes he had worked on throughout his 23-year career as a detective, he was first recognised as a top-view rating performer. New episodes of his show “American Detective,” premiered in January 2021, are now available. As also, in 2021, he released a true-crime bio entitled Killer Triggers.

How did Joe Kenda end up with the scar on his nose?

Neither Joe Kenda nor his wife has spoken publicly about the circumstances behind Joe’s nose scars, leaving admirers to speculate. It would seem that nobody dares to confront him directly and question him about the scar on his nose. It has been widely theorised that Kenda’s skin cancer or a punch to the face is the root cause of her nose scars. Being a murder investigator is indeed a nightmare full of hazards, and it is possible that he was assaulted while investigating.

Viewers on Reddit and Facebook guessed that he had been bit by a dog when he was younger or that a drug dealer smacked him in the face with a ring during a drugs bust. One observer said he attempted to sneak out of sight during a mission and even got a nose ring so the pretend action would be more lifelike. The nose job that Kenda was supposed to have done ended up going wrong, and as a result, he now has a crooked nose.

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