Do Anti-lock Braking Systems Make a Difference to Four-Wheeler Insurance

While buying a car, one must take the necessary precautions to safeguard and protect the vehicle. It can be buying car insurance, getting premium seat covers, or even installing certain devices for the safety of the car. Anti-lock Braking System is one such device that enhances the safety of the vehicle. Read further to understand what this is and how it makes a difference to four-wheeler insurance.

What is Anti-lock Braking System?

An Anti-lock Braking System, also known as ABS, is a safety mechanism that uses speed sensors to prevent the locking of the wheels when brakes are applied in the car. If the wheels get jammed or locked by any means, the vehicle can skid, and this can lead to accidents. The primary purpose of ABS in a car is to help handle wheels, avoid oversteering or understeering.

Categories of ABS

There are three categories of ABS, based on the type of vehicle that one drives:

  • One Channel This system is a single sensor mechanism that is cost-effective and is also an ABS with the least accuracy. It is mostly used in commercial vehicles as it is affordable.
  • Three Channel This system has a three-sensor ABS that is usually found in pickup trucks equipped with a four-wheel-drive.
  • Four Channel This has a four sensor ABS and is one of the most efficient forms of ABS. It is found in almost all passenger cars in India and is the most advanced ABS in the market.

Benefits of Anti-lock Braking System

When brakes are applied frequently in a short span of time, there is a high risk that the wheel could get locked. As mentioned above, ABS prevents the locking of wheels and in turn, avoids accidents. The following are some benefits of installing an ABS in one’s car:

  • ABS reduces the braking distance and makes braking gradual and not abrupt or sudden
  • Reduces the chances of skidding in both dry and wet terrains
  • Cars with ABS are less prone to accidents
  • The driver has better control of the car
  • ABS allows one to steer the car around objects, if there is a necessity, with ease

The Impact of Anti-lock Braking System on Car Insurance

Installing an Anti-lock Braking System in the insured car, enhances the safety measures for the car. Car insurance companies always consider the risk factors involved in insuring a vehicle and accordingly decide the premium amount. A car with high-risk factors poses as a liability to the insurance company and it increases the insurance premium. On the other hand, having ABS or anti-theft devices protects the car from damages and thus, can significantly lower the insurance premium rate.

The car insurance premium is calculated based on several factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, age, coverage options, Anti-theft devices, etc. While some of the factors may increase the premium rate, others can help reduce it. ABS is one such factor that can reduce the insurance premium. Make sure that you have adequate car insurance to protect your vehicle.

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