Different Variety of coffee and their selection process

Nowadays, coffee is an essential drink that everyone loves to drink, and choosing the best variety is the most critical task. You should also know about its various aspects and way of selecting the best coffee variety. In this article, you read about some popular types of freshly roasted coffee beans and their selection.

 Serving your customers with quality coffee is the safest way to ensure their loyalty, a virtue that translated economically means guaranteed daily profits.

• Coffee selection, blending and roasting

• Recognize quality coffee

Variety of coffee

Although there are approximately 60 species of coffee plants, only four give life to marketable coffee beans: the Coffee Arabica, the Coffee Robusta, Coffee Liberia, and the Coffee Excelsa. Among these, the most common are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee

The cultivation and use of the Arabica species date back to several centuries ago. The geography of its agriculture touches three continents, America, Africa, and Asia, changing according to the varieties. Arabica beans have a flattened and elongated shape and give life to Espresso wines characterized by bright perfumes, soft flavors with light acidity, and a caramelized aftertaste.

Coffee Robusta

This species is considered younger than the previous one because it has a more recent classification. Its name derives from the high resistance of the plant to pests and diseases, and its cultivation is typical of western and central Africa. The beans are smaller and rounder than Arabica; however, they have higher caffeine content. The coffee obtained is less aromatic but more intense, bitter, and full-bodied.

Coffee selection, blending and roasting

Before being able to be served in the coffee cups, the coffee goes through various stages of transformation:


The first step to obtaining a high-quality coffee is to choose the raw ones with care and competence, keeping in mind the type of blend you intend to create.

The cultivation of coffee is widespread in many countries, but to date, the areas of origin of excellence remain Central and South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

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To create a well-balanced coffee blend, you need to know the organoleptic characteristics of every variety of green coffee used to harmonize them to give the mixture a precise personality.

Coffee roasting:

It is the final process from which the blends of coffee beans are obtained.

In this phase, the coffee beans are brought to a temperature between 190 ° and 230 ° for about 18 minutes. The intensity of the heat determines the degree of roasting of the coffee, which can have different levels. The coffee bean subjected to high temperatures undergoes a series of chemical mutations: colour change, weight loss of 18-20%, and increase in volume.

In addition to changing its external appearance, the roasting also determines the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee that is served in the cup at the bar. Acidity, aroma, body, largely depend on the content of the roasting.

Recognize quality coffee

To correctly evaluate the goodness of a coffee blend, it is advantageous to appeal to these criteria:


No coffee can be right on the palate unless it first sends a sweet aromatic offer to the nostrils. This short quote by Henry Ward Beecher is enough to summarize what the importance of aroma is sufficient.


Good coffee to be defined as such must be able to maintain a delicate balance between roundness, sweetness, acidity, intensity, and fruity notes. Not a small task!

It is the infinite series of possible combinations between all these series of elements that diversify the blends, making them recognizable and unique.


Acidity is a fundamental resource that, in addition to giving structure to coffee, makes it more pleasant and enhances its fruity notes.

Conclusion: So, after reading this article, you will feel comfortable to choose your desired coffee variety. You would not confuse while selecting which coffee is best in taste as this article will improve your judging power because now you get the information about various coffee varieties. These days almost everyone drinks coffee, and to be a smart purchaser the above mentioned information is very beneficial to you as coffee also needs in maintain the health of body. It refreshes mind also as it has very useful ingredients.

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