Different models of Rocket Espresso Machines

Espresso is an Italian coffee-brewing method of making coffee with a variety of finely- ground coffee beans. The espresso machine has varied designs with some common elements, and varying elements such as fineness of the grind, or pressure used to compress the grinds. The espresso taste varies with the pressure.

The design of the machine is a vital element to producing excellent espresso coffee. The espresso machine has many models with different specs. Rocket Espresso offers some of the most striking designs around for your home or coffee shop. Here are rocket espresso machine designs or models:

Rocket R58 Espresso machine

On top of everything is a sleek, trendy and remarkable way to bring café-quality espresso in your home. Espresso coffee machine is not just commercial. Rocket R58, a semi-automatic espresso machine, is designed for residential use. It is useful for barista-quality espresso. Rocket R58 (1) is a cute semi-automatic commercial machine for a café-quality espresso. 

  • The machine is made in Italy.
  • It has a durable and nice-looking stainless-steel body.
  • The machine has a dual copper boiler and steam pressure consistency.
  • It has an electronic Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID), rotary pump, and pre-infusion facility.
  • It has quiet operations. 
  • Its water reservoir can be hooked up in the waterline.
  • This model can be operated comfortably by the people new to making espresso coffee at home. You can also find the far more sophisticated and expensive models with additional features and controls.

Rocket Espresso Cinquantotto Espresso machine

It is an addition to a Rocket family, an upgradation of many features of R58 models, especially temperature control.

  • It has a more powerful dual boiler.
  • It has digital controls.
  • This model provides a beautiful, simple, and full-color touchscreen instead of button controls.
  • It is easy to make rapid temperature adjustments in this machine. The desired alterations can be made by swiping and tapping at the screen.
  • Cinquantotto has pour-over and direct-connect water supply functions for more comfort of operating the machine on a location with or without water outlet.

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione

This model is an ideal choice for home or small coffee shop. The features of this machine include

  • No-burn water and steam wands.
  • Powerful 1.8-litre heat exchange boiler for steaming and brewing concurrently.
  • Optional pour-over or direct-connect water supply system.
  • A water sensor to indicate the water level has fallen in the reservoir.
  • Quiet rotary pump.
  • It makes a cup of coffee much quicker than other machines.

Rocket Appartamento

It is a classic machine of the gold standard. The features of this machine include

  • Attractive stainless-steel case for aesthetic and long-life. The circular cutouts on the side provide this machine with an artistic appearance.
  • No-burn water and steam wands.
  • A water sensor to indicate the water level has fallen in the reservoir.
  • Build-in cup-warming shelf on top.

Rocket R Nine One

The company develops this model for the capability of better results. This model is equally suitable for the domestic environment and small commercial applications. 

  • This model is known for its thermal stability. It is donethrough the fully saturated group system, associated with Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) temperature control.
  • Full pressure system controls pre and post-infusion.
  • Stability as well as flexibility of controls.
  • Water reservoir is built in it or direct water connection option.

Rocket R 60 V

The machine has the following unique features:

  • A pressure profile system that uses a five-step approach to allow the extraction.
  • Temperature adjustments through a remote controller or machine Wi-Fi system.
  • Dual boiler, PID control, rotary pump with optional water reservoir or water connection.

Rocket Cronometro R

The machine has a superior technology of full-sized commercial espresso machine. This machine features:

  • Digital shot timer
  • PID temperature control
  • Insulated boilers
  • Enhanced stability and temperature controls
  • Quiet and robust pump operations
  • The option of direct or reservoir water supply

The Cronometro machines are available in two different body styles – Giotto or the Mozzafiato.

Rocket Porta Via

It is a portable espresso machine, which is unique for travelers. You can carry this machine when out for the recreation of a picnic. The machine has most features of a regular model, but exclusive for its portability. 

  • It has a prosumer heat-exchange boiler.
  • It has a compact suitcase form factor.
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