Diabetes Hair Loss | A Quick Explanation

Diabetes Hair Loss Can Be Treated

Alopecia or sudden hair loss is one of the most common and scary signs related to diabetes. Usually, you may lose about 150 hairs per day, but it should be an alarming sign if you notice the rate is relatively high.

So, most people wonder, does diabetes cause hair loss? However, you need not panic, for there is a remedy. Here you will find tips to reverse diabetes hair loss and happily regrow strong hair follicles.

Is There A Remedy To Diabetes Hair Loss?

Insufficient production of insulin, the hormone that absorbs sugar from your body, causes diabetes. Malfunction of the hormone may lead to a high-risk blood sugar disease. High sugar further affects your blood vessels and limits fresh blood supply to your organs and cells.

The results are devastating to most people as it leaves your scalp cells, that enable normal hair growth, damaged.

Without the availability of enough nutrients, the hair strands start falling out. Having noticeable hair patches on your scalp, eyelashes, arms, legs, and even your chest may push you into enquiring about a hair transplantation cost to recover your luscious locks.

How To Manage Diabetes?

A new diagnosis of diabetes may be scary and overwhelming. You may feel like life may change drastically, and you no longer eat your favourite food. However, this is generally not the case.

The absence of symptoms from a confirmed diabetes diagnostic doesn’t necessarily mean that you have mild diabetes or it’s under control, because only severe diabetes causes symptoms; so you shouldn’t wait until this happens to get help.

Nutrition is key to managing diabetes. You should learn which foods suitably impact your blood sugar level as there is no single diabetic diet. Moreover, it would be best to adopt a scheduled exercise programme to have the disease under control, and you will happily navigate all your favourite places without worrying about diabetes.

Healthy Nutrition Will Stop Thinning Hair

Diabetes can throw a wrench in your normal hair growth cycle leading to diabetes hair loss. The positivity comes in once you start taking care of your diet and focusing on the right nutrients.

Engaging in daily exercise lowers your blood sugar and circulates oxygen all over your body, including your scalp.

Struggling With Cutting Carbs In Your Diet?

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, doctors will advise on healthy eating based on your laboratory results.

If you struggle with cutting the carbs and sugar, then substitute with natural sweeteners to avoid insulin spikes in your body.

Go for complex carbs like brown rice and oatmeal.

Cosmetic solutions are other options that will come in handy if you feel stressed about your appearance while still seeking treatment.

Following these tips will leave you confident and focused on controlling your diabetes while making your once thinned hair look fuller again. Some patients opt for FUE hair transplant surgery, which will also boost confidence.

Take A Step To Prevent Diabetes Hair Loss

Usually, diabetes will alter the functioning of your blood vessels and may lead to damage of your organs such as the eyes and kidneys. However, you can reverse it by simply following all these tips from monitoring your blood glucose levels, exercising, maintaining a proper dietary plan, and even practising yoga and meditation, as it may help reduce diabetes hair loss.

You should consult a physician if you notice persistent hair loss and any other symptom related to diabetes.

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