DaVinci Gas Fireplaces: Types and Benefits

DaVinci Gas Fireplaces is a household brand in fireplace inserts and standalone burners. They produce high-quality gas fireplaces that provide a warm environment to residential and commercial spaces. DaVinci gas fireplaces offer a range of options and styles to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some common types and their benefits:

Linear Fireplaces

The linear gas fireplace has a long, rectangular design that creates a stunning centrepiece for any living space. The fireplace is also available in various lengths and can accommodate custom dimensions to fit unique spaces. The linear design provides a broader view of the flames and provides a contemporary, sleek aesthetic.


Viewing window: A wide viewing area is one of the unique features of linear fireplaces. The units have a broader view of the fire, creating an impressive visual display.

Versatility: The DaVinci linear fireplaces are also customisable. You can tailor the unit to fit specific dimensions and design preferences, making them versatile for different installation requirements.

Efficiency: Linear fireplaces provide efficient heat output. They can keep expansive spaces warm and cosy with minimal fuel.

Pier Fireplaces

The DaVinci pier fireplaces are fitted as a focal point between two separate spaces, such as a living room and dining room or bedrooms and an on-suite bathroom. The units offer a two-sided viewing experience, and users can enjoy the fire from several angles.


Viewing: Pier fireplaces offer a wide beautiful flame display that’s visible from two different living spaces. This adds elegance and warmth to rooms and creates a unique transition between spaces.

Partition: The fireplaces work as a stylish partition between two living spaces, creating a separation while maintaining an open-concept design.

Multi-purpose: Pier fireplaces serve several functions, including heating and space partition. The units also improve the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces.

Corner Fireplaces

DaVinci corner fireplaces are designed to fit into corner spaces. As a result, they make efficient use of living space while providing an inviting atmosphere. Corner fireplaces are also available in various sizes and configurations.


Space-saving: Corner fireplace installations maximise space utilisation. The units snugly fit into corners, making them an ideal choice for rooms with limited space.

Versatile placement: Corners are present in every house design; therefore, corner fireplaces have several installation options. Users can choose the most suitable location based on preference and the room’s layout and design.

See-Through Fireplaces

Similar to a pier fireplace, the see-through fireplace allows you to enjoy the warmth of the flames from two separate rooms. The design has a viewing window on either side, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.


Dual-space heating: The see-through fireplace provides warmth and ambience to two adjoining rooms and serves as a focal point. The design also heightens the aesthetic appeal of the two spaces.

Flexibility in design: See-through fireplaces allow for flexible placement. Therefore, they are suitable for various room configurations and interior styles.

Peninsula Fireplaces

The Peninsula fireplace is similar to see-through fireplaces, but its design includes a wall placement with a three-sided glass enclosure. The fireplace offers a panoramic view of the flames and creates a stunning centrepiece.


Dramatic display: The three-sided glass window provides an expansive view of the flames, creating a visually striking focal point.

Versatile installation: Peninsula fireplaces are installed against a wall, allowing for flexible placement in various room layouts.

Island Fireplaces

Island fireplaces are freestanding units that offer a 360-degree view of the fire. They are designed to be enjoyed from all angles, enhancing the interior design of open-concept spaces.


Unmatched ambience: Island fireplaces provide a captivating flame that can be appreciated from every angle, creating a warm atmosphere.

Design flexibility: Island fireplaces can be positioned in the middle of the room, adding flexibility to the layout and design options.

DaVinci gas fireplaces have options to suit different architectural styles, room layouts, and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking for a striking centrepiece, a space-saving solution, or an outdoor gathering spot, DaVinci has a fireplace for you.

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