Darwin Nunez: The Right Signing For Liverpool

The transfer period is what excites the football fans the most, especially when there is no other football activity in the summer. Liverpool seem to get things done as early as possible each year since Jurgen Klopp arrived, and that has benefited the club massively.

This transfer window has seen the club invest in its frontline once again, after signing Luis Diaz in January. Darwin Nunez has been added to the ranks as a replacement for Sadio Mane, who left the club to join Bayern Munich earlier in the summer.

Fans already speculate on the impact Nunez will have on Liverpool’s title charge this season, so different bets are already made in bookies in the country. With many bookmakers offering welcome or sign up offers to new users. If you are looking to join in the action, you can always claim the BetUK sign up offer.  There you will also see the chances Darwin Nunez has when it comes to being the top scorer in the Premier League this season.

What Will Darwin Nunez Bring to Liverpool?

There are numerous reasons why football is such a popular sport in the world these days. Everyone seems to fall in love with a team thanks to its goalscorer. That is our first point regarding Darwin Nunez – he is a goalscorer, a modern number 9 who will bring all sorts of goals to the team.

Even though Mohamed Salah has mainly been in charge of scoring for Liverpool in recent years, he will be relieved that the pressure will not only be on him. Darwin Nunez is a powerful centre-forward, something that Liverpool missed since Jurgen Klopp took over in 2015.

Now that Sadio Mane left for Bayer, and Mohamed Salah signed a new contract at Liverpool, the Reds can finally focus on what the future will bring, with Salah, Diaz and Nunez playing a key role.

The Uruguayan striker is 6’2”, so he offers a massive aerial threat, meaning that Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson will be licking their fingers. Their pinpoint crosses are sure to bring them so many assists, so don’t be surprised if these two continue to smash records assist-wise.

Apart from being a big striker, Darwin Nunez is really good with the ball and is very quick, which is not common among strikers of his kind. That is why people were quick to compare him to Man City’s new boy Erling Haaland, as it is clear that both have very similar qualities.

Nunez’s goalscoring record in Benfica is also stunning, as he scored 34 goals in 41 games last season. He also netted home and away against Liverpool in the Champions League, which further emphasizes his reliability for big games.

Even though Klopp has tried to relieve Nunez of the pressure early on in his Liverpool career, he will be eager to see the Uruguayan hit the ground running, as soon as possible, and rightly so. Darwin Nunez fits the criteria for a modern centre forward, which Liverpool have been missing. The Reds will be confident that he will be the missing piece of the puzzle in the club’s quest of winning all possible trophies this season, having come so close last time around.

Are there any Weaknesses in his Game?

At first glance, it seems like there is no real weakness in Nunez’s game, and that is not far from the truth. However, if we had to pick one it would be his link-up play. That is a vital part of any striker that aspires to play for Liverpool, as Klopp relies heavily on fast play and quick link-ups.

That is not something that needs to worry the fans or Nunez himself, as he is still young and has time in his hands. He is not a finished product and of course, he has areas, such as his link-up play that he needs to improve.

Liverpool seems like the perfect place for him to develop and become one of the world’s finest, as is the case with plenty of Liverpool players who Klopp signed. The manager himself described Nunez as a wonderful player who is the right fit for Liverpool.

All in all, should Darwin Nunez stay healthy, there is nothing stopping him from becoming a real icon in Liverpool and one of the best centre-forwards in the world. Time is certainly on his side, and he seems like he is at the right place to develop.

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