Cyber Security Solutions: 4 Monster Risks of Malware

How safe are your company’s data and devices? Statistics from 2018 show that over 2.5 billion accounts worldwide experienced hacks. In 2020, Google, T-Mobile, and Nintendo were victims of the year’s most significant hack attacks and security breaches. It’s essential to find the right Cyber Security solutions for cyber security problems. These options can help to protect your company. Meanwhile, not having such solutions can also cause various risks due to malware.

For example, an employee might accidentally download malware on their smartphones or tablets through mobile apps. Some of the signs that their device is infected with malware include:

  • Data usage spikes
  • Fast battery draining
  • Involuntary emails and texts sent

What exactly is malware?

This term is a general one that’s a shortened version of “malicious software” designed to exploit or harm programmable networks, services, or devices. While cyber-criminals use malware in different ways, they usually use it to steal data, then try to leverage the data to benefit financially.

For example, the Australian government reports that scams cost Australians AUD630 million every year, including malware scams. Malware can also cause various security issues that require solutions.

Malware sent as fake emails

Sometimes companies will disguise their malware as emails that seem to be from companies or individuals that people are familiar with. Their devices can get infected if they click on links or attachments in the email that cause them to download malware. 

In this case, cyber security experts can help prevent such events and thus protect your company’s reputation.

Companies cannot operate

Malware can prevent companies from operating, which can affect revenue. For example, when computers, systems, and networks are offline, it can cause various issues for companies. This includes various factors like productivity, efficiency, and revenue. For example, when companies can’t access customer data, this situation can cause serious issues. 

A cyber security company can provide effective help. Goals include removing malware from phones and computers. This can include software like Windows 10 or Google Chrome, for example. Your business operations can then return to normal and start generating daily revenue.  

Seemingly helpful emails

One of the main ways hackers spread malware is by sending emails that contain helpful items such as security tools. However, such software could include malware that can cause problems for companies when using their computers.

Cyber security experts can not only help to disinfect your computers and networks of malware but also make sure that security software is up to date. It’s more common for small Aussie businesses to fail to update protections for software like operating systems.

One common scenario is that after trial periods for antivirus programs expire, the company doesn’t renew it. When the companies don’t receive security patches, this prevents their company from having the tools needed to minimise cyber security issues.

Identify theft 

This is another common goal of cyber-criminals. For example, they use “key loggers” to capture a company’s keystrokes. This can provide information, including info related to customers, email accounts and computer systems. Companies could try to steal money by collecting information through false identities.

There are many ways that hackers can use identity theft, so it’s critical to select the right cyber security company. They’ll have the tools and experience to clean infected computer devices and systems.

Today malware has become a major issue for companies of all sizes. Fortunately, the right Cyber Security solutions can help to prevent malicious software related to emails, accounts, and revenue. They’re an investment that’s worthwhile since your company’s digital security is invaluable.

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