Corona days: How to get office work done

Nobody thought such a pandemic to take place nor anyone was prepared for such a crisis. Everything is at a standstill Corona days. Everything is suffering from every aspect. Entire India is locked down for the next few weeks. People are getting bored and panic both because nobody experienced a home arrest for 21 days. 

Notably, life doesn’t stop. You got to pay your bills, manage your monthly expenses, and pay your monthly installments and what not. Companies have assigned us to work from home but managing productivity from home is a difficult task. 

Challenges while working from Home

Home is full of distractions, sometimes it is your mom making a delicious meal or your siblings or your partner teasing you. Your families are probably chasing you to get things done Corona days which you have kept pending from aeons. Maybe your kid is too naughty to let you work. For innocent kids, it’s not less than a holiday but for you, it’s really a puzzling time. 

In this tough time, where everyone is already scared by witnessing this cruel event, working gets even harder. I think staying in a rented room can make your life easier. Though we have never thought about booking a PG or rented rooms as a backup now it seems necessary. Many companies may shut down due to low productivity. If they could have planned a backup in the form of PG(s) where they could have asked their out stationed employees to stay then the scenario would have been quite different. 

Nowadays, Most of the PG(s) have essential services like Wi-fi, TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, etc. All we have to do is search PG for Boys or Girls along with your city name in Google. The search would be like ‘PG for Boys in Bangalore’ and you would get a thousand options. 

How I am getting things done!

Well, I currently live in a rented PG for Boys in Bangalore which is offered by OYO Life. More specifically, I’m staying in PG in Marathahalli. I’d say that it seems to be a blessing in disguise for me. I could focus on my work all day long. My P.G has a kitchen so food is also not a challenge. I am able to work without any distractions all day long. OYO Life has made my life easier. 

Not many people know that OYO also deals in PG business under the brand name OYO Life. This Hotel brand has been providing PG services from the last 1.5 years. It offers boys and girls PG in Bangalore. It also offers co-living P.G with all modern amenities. To manage your stay experience, it offers you an easy to operate app and YouTube (OYO Life). Security deposit is also just 1 month which is rare in Bangalore. Overall, it’s a better experience with OYO Life even in such hard times. Special mention to the property manager in my P.G. He works the entire day so that we don’t face any inconvenience in our stay. Plenty of masks and sanitizer is made available before lockdown. I feel safer here than anywhere else.

I hope everything gets in order however if it further escalates then I don’t know how companies are going to cope-up with it Corona days. We just can pray that it gets sorted fast and we can get back on being normal. But having a backup space to crash is really an idea to consider. To give yourself some space even on normal days. 

What to do if you are stuck at home with a lot of office work?

Try locking yourself in a room in your house if feasible is a better option. You will be able to avoid some distractions at least. At this hour, your companies need you more than ever because the outcome of this lockdown is not going to be kind to anyone. Some companies may take some harsh decisions to survive. 

Make sure, you give your best to the company which helps you with bread and butter. More importantly, stay safe. This COVID 19 has given us a chance to ponder upon our preparations to tackle such issues. It’s an eye-opener for the world and for every citizen irrespective of the caste, creed or colour. 

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