8 Common kitchen problems that you can fix your own

The kitchen is one of the important places in the home. The kitchen can be tending to have most problems .the home improvement professionals like plumbers can fix problems. And it can be essential to be equipped with DIY tips and tricks to fix common problems. So the team can decide to list some of the common kitchen problems and how to fix them.

  1. Smelly sink

If your kitchen sink can produce a foul smell many times it can happen because of dirty water. And it can pass through drain and rots. It can be fixing top a smelly sink. This may be done in some of the basic items in pantry such as baking soda and lemon juice. You have to mix these two items and pour it over the drain and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing.
The greasy surfaces in the kitchen can be common. It can be with bench tops, kitchen sink or a cupboard that hasn’t been cleaned in months, attracting cockroaches and other pests. Luckily there are easy ways to get rid of this creepy crawlies from your cockroaches in kitchen cupboards .

  • Incomplete closing cabinet doors

If you use your cabinet doors for a long time they may become loose and it cannot close properly. It can be extremely disappointing. And you cannot be comfortable that the kitchen accessories can stay inside them. Consider the lubricating of hinges to add wood filler on screw holes.

  • Greasy surfaces

 The greasy surfaces in the kitchen can be common. It can be with bench tops, kitchen sink. You have to remove the grease by using the microfiber towel and white vinegar to wipe it all. To avoid this kind of problem altogether to polish the surfaces by using olive oil for every 6 to 12 months.

  • Pan Lids

If you have arranged the pan lids in random cupboards after wash. It can be easily misplaced. And they can fall under the cupboard. So you cannot access easily. You can skip this kind of problem by using them, in the specific area so that you can access easily. You may hang them beside the cupboard door so you may reach them fastly.

  • Use oil to kitchen drawers

If your kitchen drawers can be tough to open after closing them you can give force to open by using muscle. If it can be sticky to open you have to remove it completely. And you have to wash the runner with dish soap. You can also add household lubricant on runners. They can improve to be perfect again.

  • Insufficient light

Light is the best part of the kitchen. And it can enable you to cook comfortably. Your kitchen can be located in a place where you cannot have enough time during day time. You can low quality bulbs. And you cannot supply enough light to consider install bulbs to provide enough light in your kitchen.

  • Blockages in the kitchen sink

 The kitchen sink can be blocked if you drain solid food along with water. It is one of the reasons that can be blocked but if your kitchen sinks blocks easily in such case you need a small pump to push air inside the sink. If the problem still persists then you have to hire a plumber to fix it for you.

  • Due to broken water pipes

 The pipe can supply water to your kitchen break, water can leak and flow in all corner of your kitchen to start under the sink. It can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Tie the nylon paper in the area of leaking water pipe before the plumber can arrive. You have to need emergency services of a plumber to fix issues. The kitchen can be crucial in your home.

And it can be maintaining it well to keep it as the best condition. Use best cleaning products to clean kitchen. And you may keep it fresh and appeal. If a problem occurs you can ensure to be fixed immediately to reduce the chance of severe issues .if the problem can be more difficult to handle feel free to hire trade to help you to solve it.

  • Not maintaining refrigerator

If your refrigerator cannot be cooling you have to check the door and close it completely. And seal the snug. You have to be sure to pay attention to warning lights. And also note it whether it has unusual heat, dips or noises. All refrigerator condensers generate heat but it should not be excessive. And it may be caused by food which is bad due to temperature control. Just make sure the interior temperatures to the optimum of 0 to 40 degrees to prevent frost build-up, and odor

 If the food burns fastly in an oven it can take too long to cook. So you can buy an oven thermometer to check the temperature settings. So the oven can need recalibration than replacement. You have to clean the refrigerator properly and protect it from various problems. So that you can solve many problems in your kitchen.

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