Colby Beach USA: Real or Not? The Incredible Filming Locations of Netflix’s New Show, Details explored!

Along For The Ride, which was adapted from one of the emotionally engaging books, was made into a movie that keeps spectators hooked to their seats. There has also been a lot of curiosity in the areas across the world where the film was filmed.

Is Colby Beach USA: Real or Not?

In that sense of the United States, Coby Beach is not an actual location named Along For The Ride. The author, Sarah Dessen, has said that the novel is based on the resort town of Emerald Isle, which is located in North Carolina and had an important role in the author’s formative years. The main character, Auden, has just graduated from high school and is now on a visit to her father in Colby, located on the seaside. She strikes up a close friendship with Eli, who describes himself as an “individual light sleeper,” and the two of them go on a number of adventures together.

Both the book and the movie drew heavily on the beauty of North Carolina for numerous of their respective locales. Even though the names of the locales were altered for dramatic effect, she attempted to create a scene that felt like the area where she spent a substantial portion of her life, even if the names of the locations were changed. According to PortCity Daily, the production company was granted permission to film at a variety of locations in and around Carolina Beach. Some of these locations include Innes Park, Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park, Jimbo’s Diner, Nauti Dog and Pleasure Island Rentals, Nest Realty and Havanas. Other locations include Carolina Beach Scuba and Smokehouse. These are just a handful of the locations.

Discover More About Where Along for The Ride Was Filmed

The film Along for the Ride was shot in North Carolina, and many of the settings were inspired by real towns and cities in the state. According to Decider, the bulk of the movie was shot at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, the Kure Beach Pier, the Snows Cut Bridge, Thalian Hall, and the New Hanover County Courthouse. All of these locations can be found in North Carolina. The trailer not only contains information about Tomlinson’s Garage on College Road and Melissa’s Coin Laundry on Pleasure Island but also on a great number of other locales. The author has been quite open about her affection for the sea and the beaches it hugs, and you can see that passion mirrored in her work.

Defriese University: Is It Real?

The film version of Along For The Ride features a fictional university called Defriese University. To be clear, Sarah has fully fabricated the academic institution that she writes about in her book. Although it has been suggested that the prestigious Duke University in North Carolina served as the inspiration for the idea, the educational establishment that is represented in both the novel and the movie does not really exist in the real world.

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