ChristellStause blames ‘flash photography’ for the top mishap, Details explored!

On Friday, Netflix released the reunion episode of Selling Sunset, packed with the usual high stakes and emotional resentment. Jason cried as he discussed his separation with Chrishell, Maya spoke openly about her stillborn daughter, and nobody held back when discussing Christine. Tan France, the host, didn’t hold back on the probing questions about ChrishellStause’s romantic history. She delayed her reveal of her relationship with guitarist G Flip till later. The night before the reunion aired, the 40-year-old went out with her new flame and had a disastrous wardrobe malfunction, which quickly went viral online. But she has now spoken on the matter on Instagram.

ChristellStause’s clothes drawback

Chrishell was seen out with her new boyfriend, non-binary musician G Flip, shortly before they announced their relationship on the previously recorded Selling Sunset reunion. They were photographed kissing passionately at The Abbey, a homosexual restaurant and pub in West Hollywood, on Thursday, May 5. Chrishell donned a black long-sleeved blouse with sheer black sleeves and a black and white checkered skirt, which was more daring than G Flip’s white vest top. Inside the bar, the dress was a hit with the media, but outside, they caught her in a major fashion faux pas: her top was fully see-through. Images of the realtor’s bare upper torso have gone viral after their night out, leaving little to the imagination. This story will not include these images out of respect for Chrishell.

Christel blames the use of flash camera

On Friday night, May 6th, Chrishell addressed the wardrobe malfunction on Instagram, stating that she had been photographed with a flash. So that nothing inappropriate shows up in flash photographs, I always wear the appropriate undergarments. There was nothing to see in my top without the use of light, she wrote. The celebrity said she debated whether or not to address the issue but ultimately opted to clarify because she had spent all day attempting to calm fans down to no avail. The real estate agent said that she cherished every supporting individual who had taken the time to comment or defend, and she expressed gratitude to every one of them.

Maya’s reaction disturbs the internet

Chrishell and G Flip appear to be very happy together, but the Selling Sunset star had not informed her co-workers of her relationship with G Flip until the reunion. Everyone, even her best friend Mary, was taken aback by the news, but the expression on Maya’s face was priceless. Real estate agent’s jaw dropped in shock as Chrishell and G Flip’s music video played, and host Tan France immediately noticed and commented on it. To answer your query, Mary, did you not already know this? She questioned with astonishment before thanking Chrishell and commenting that she appeared happy. As the rest of the group affirmed that individuals could love anyone they choose in the year 2022, she continued, “I know being in this position, we get criticized frequently.

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