Check New Packaging Which Are Trending In 2020 For Belt Business

Custom belt boxes, as suggested by their names, are boxes that are exclusively manufactured for the sole purpose of packaging belt items. They can be adorned with numerous beautifying add-ons to give them a dynamic and striking appearance. They can be manufactured from any material of choice and requirement. Kraft and sturdy cardboard are the most commonly used materials for their manufacturing. Individual die-cut windows with PVC coverage can be added to them to enhance the visual appeal of the belts packaged inside of them. They are the most suitable mode of packaging for belts since they provide storage and display both one and the same time.At a time where every single product is being equipped with its own salient style of packaging boxes, belts are no less an exception. Check out the trending list of some of the most amazing custom belt boxes that have topped the popularity charts due to their powerful appearance and productivity.

Tin shape belt box:

This belt box organizer is the modern solution for the packaging and organizing requirements of belts. It comes in the shape of a tin. It is manufactured from sturdy cardboard or kraft, so consequently, it has a rigid structure. It usually comes with either more than one belt or some additional gadgets that can be worn along with the belt that they carry. Die-cut inserts and partitions are added inside the box to provide adequate support and separation to each individual product that is packaged within them. These boxes do not necessarily come with a display area. However, they are printed in a suggestive way that best describes the product or the products that it carries. The name of the belt manufacturing brand is specifically highlighted in bold on its prints. Ideally, the top lid of the box only has the brand logo printed in a considerable size.

Side less sleeve box

Belt packaging gets combined with convenience when this type of box is brought into use for custom belt boxes purposes. These boxes are made out of a single sheet of kraft paperboard. The sheet is given the shape of a box without having any top or bottom wall. The belt is slipped through this sleeve and is effectively displayed as well as protectively stored and contained in a single sleeve. It becomes a lot easier for retailers to store and display belts in such type of packaging. The sleeve has well designed prints on its visible side on the belt. These narratives specifically highlight the manufacturing brand of the belt that it withholds. Such boxes make the buying decisions of the customers a lot easier since they exhibit the belts to the fullest with nothing to hide and also give comprehensive details about the belt’s manufacturing materials and their respective brands as well.

Drawer Shape Slide Box:

This is one of the most productive belt box for storage and safekeeping of expensive belts. Belts that are made from genuine leather and crocodile or sharkskin are a lot more costly as compared to other ones that are made out of synthetic and less expensive materials. Such expensive belts require to be packaged in a box that gives them a comprehensive coverage to save their forming materials from any external harm or environmental damages. This box comes in the shape of a drawer. The front flap has a pull tag attached to it, which when pulled slides open as a drawer. The belt that is packaged inside is carefully inserted in a placeholder. This ensures premium safety and enhanced shelf life of the product. Complementing the reputation of the belts that they carry, these boxes give out the feeling of being a luxury box.

Front-Less Belt Holder:

This type of box for belts can also be used as one of the most effective belt gift box. In terms of its appearance, it looks almost similar to an open exhibit bangle box. It has only three sides covered with the belt coiled around its circular interior. The front is absolutely open so that the customers can see, touch, and feel the actual product that may speed up their buying decisions. They are ideal for gifting since they can hold a number of belts within themselves and also be custom printed with any personalized message that you may want to convey to your loved ones.

The trends of the running year are changing with the speed of light. It has become almost impossible for product manufacturers to keep up with the pace of the changing buying behaviors of their customers. Thanks to the excessive use of social media, this problem is being covered adequately. It is as important to set new trends as it is important to follow the current ones. By keeping track of the consumer’s buying behavior and knowing the current ways of the working strategies of the retail market, you can also get yourself some amazing Apparel packaging for your belts. This small investment of expense, time, and focus, may result in bringing huge and multiple benefits for both your product and your business.

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